News Update: Utah Gov’s Bipartisan Commission Unanimously Recommends Voter Registration Modernization to and registration.

About Us

We have come together as the Committee to Modernize Voter Registration – a bipartisan group of election administrators, former elected officials, campaign professionals and experts on voting and elections – to inform the discussion and encourage the modernization of our current voter registration system. While we are often adversaries during election seasons and frequently end up on opposite sides of issue campaigns, we are all committed to providing every eligible American the opportunity to participate in our political process. Together, the Committee to Modernize Voter Registration represents a broad spectrum of voices coming together to support a common sense reform of our voter registration system. Our experiences with voter registration are varied but we all come to the same conclusion: that now is the time to upgrade our system and bring voter registration into the 21st century.

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The Committee to Modernize Voter Registration is a non-partisan group of individuals committed to improving the way voter registration is conducted in the United States. The Committee’s work is supported by the Rockefeller Family Fund, a non-partisan, 501(c )(3) organization dedicated to improving the voting process for all Americans.