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Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:06
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In “A Rainbow of Differences”, Erica Goode illustrated how homosexuality affects children. For decades, the subject was politely (Goode 2000, p.2), if not politically, noted as nonexistent. That, indeed, “no important distinction could be found” between a child of gay parents and the child of an archetypal home (Goode p.1). The definite opinion is that there is a difference. Homosexual parents have children who face questions in themselves, threats from peers, and discomfort toward the irregularities of judgment. What arises are a particular generation of children who gain confidence and freedom in identifying their own roles, attitudes and opinions, toward a community who may be less than fair.
Consistency amongst and within the studies observe how the children of homosexual parents are guaranteed to be very unlike the offspring of “more traditional homes” (Goode p.1). In short: homosexual parents raise better children. In-house, the child is more reasonable toward domestic, and gender roles, and when outdoors, that same child is more self-reliant. A child being nurtured by gay parents eventually opens their minds once they acknowledge their family not being typical. Then out in the world, when confronted, it is the love for that family by which the child defends their own integrity to be understood, appreciated, and expects the same is honored toward others. With it, comes years of insults but it only makes the child more resistant to prejudice (Goode p.4).
The theory is uncomfortable because two things are brought together: sex and children. The outside world expects the child to see her family as a taboo, but that child only sees that her family is a Family, “love is love” (Goode p.4). Gay and Lesbian, or nontraditional, parents are relevant to urban education because they help develop a less rigid future. Sadly this is highlighted by practical notions, such as boys being in the kitchen; girls to defending themselves; children nurtured to be whatever they can be (Goode p.4). For such a condition to be a riot for mainstream facilities proves a revolution of another matter. The children of said parents are not only more outspoken, tolerant, and distinct their opinions about sexuality, but about themselves and what their world should be more active toward.
This article was not relevant to my educational experience because I was never taught or guided into examining the capabilities or consequences between homosexual parents and their children. When it comes to mainstream culture, I’ve seen plenty of adverse opinions but I have also seen a lot more on of social-, and motion-media praising how gay parents can’t destroy a happy childhood (Goode p.3). One claims demise, the other, neutrality. Luckily, this article does a little more. It not only numbered distinct characteristics of maturity, it also respected that children can have a mind while adults fluster.
Goode, E. (2001, July 7). Rainbow of differences in gays’ children. The New York Times.

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