A Variety Of Areas And Perspectives In Educational Theory Annotated Bibliography Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:57:02
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KewalRamani, A., & National Center for Education Statistics. (2007). Status and trends in educationn of racial and ethnic minorities. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Dept. Of Education.

This is a report by the National Center for Education Statistics detailing the trends and status of education of ethnic and racial minorities in the United States of America. It examines the challenges and milestones covered by ethnic minority groups in the United States. The report details that over time; many minorities have finished high school and continued higher education in colleges across the country. These gains notwithstanding, there still is varied progress and persistence of differences among the Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Alaskan natives, Native Hawaiians and white students.

These differences persist when measured using key indicators of performance in education. The targeted audience in this report is policy makers in the educational sector. The report is important in research because above all other things, it reports gaps existence in the educational sector in the United States. The report shows the disparities that exist among whites and minority groups. In the current debate of equality and equity, the contents of this report are fodder to researchers.

Geiger, R. L & Heller, D. E. (2011). Financial Trends in Higher Education: The United States. Pennsylvania State University. Center for the Study of Higher Education

The above report shows the financial trends in higher education in the United States of America. The report details trends in revenues and expenditures and enrollments in institutions in the United States. It shows a shift in the financing of higher education from the state government to the student and their families due to increase in tuition fees. The report attributes this trend t development if student financial aid citing examples like federal student loans and bursaries. Consequently, student financial aid is now fundamental in the financing of higher education in the United States. The audiences here are policy makers, stakeholder in the educational sector and federal budget comptrollers. The report is useful in research because it sheds light on the prevailing situation. Financing of education, be it elementary, intermediate or higher education is of importance currently. The report offers insights for future planners.

Chao, E., DeRocco, E., Flynn, S. & Maria K. (2008). Adult learners in higher education: barriers to success and strategies to improve results, in Adult education: issues and developments. New York. Nova Science Publishers.

This paper synthesizes literature developed from research on the challenges that adult learners face in higher education. It also analyses the emerging strategies aimed at increasing the number of individuals over twenty four years gaining college credentials and degrees. This is done through the review of papers from different authors on barriers towards higher education as experienced by adult learners. The audiences in this paper are adult learners themselves, financiers of educational programs targeting adult students in the United States.

The paper is important for research because it outlines the challenges faced by adult learners trying to achieve higher education. This offers a platform for other researchers in looking for sustainable solutions to these challenges. The recommendations made in the paper on improving adult education in the United States also form part of the prospective solutions to the challenges. The paper touches on current issues like accountability of funds in the education sector and unlike other scholars who have looked at the shortcomings of the government departments; this paper recommends closer scrutiny and control in order to enhance accountability.

Colby, I. (2009). An overview of social work education in the United States: new directions and new opportunities. China Journal of Social Work. 2: 2. 119-130

Given the global nature and the breadth of the scope of social work, this paper outlines the current issues and emerging trends for social work education in the United States. The paper offers a broad overview of the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards of 2008¸ a policy that sets the framework governing American social work education. The audiences in this paper are policy makers in the field of education, especially in social work education. The paper is important to research because it outlines the factors that influence social work education round the globe. This paper does not only view social work in the context of the United States only but also in a global perspective as it is a global profession.

Van Noy, M. & Jacobs, J. (2007). The Organization, Measurement, Regulation, and Certification of Non-Credit Occupational Education at Community Colleges. Colombia. ASHE Conference

This paper adduces evidence towards the growing prevalence of non-credit education in community colleges across the United States. It also highlights the significance of non-credit education to the populace and the economy. The paper also highlights the challenges that are associated with non-credit occupational education. The audiences in this paper are state policy makers. This is because the existing policies are unclear and hence may create constancy or reduce creativity. Unlike other scholars who lean towards integrated programs, the author of this paper has a different view point; that off separate programs to enhance flexibility. This forms an apt recommendation that researchers can delve into to establish legitimacy.

Fanta, A. (2009). Trends in U.S. Higher Education. Washington D.C. Campus Life

This paper summarizes the trends in higher education in the United States. More precisely, the paper looks at issues of enrollment, financing, return on investment, tax incentives, student aid, research and access among other parameters. The audiences in this paper are players in the higher education sector in the United States. The paper offers them a glance at the trends over s a number of years. The paper is important for research because it offers a financial breakdown from the different institutions of higher education in America. The paper delves into the current issue of access to education both physically and economically. Issues pertaining affordability are addressed in detail in the paper.

Menlo, A., Marich, M., Collet, L., Evers, T., Fernandez, R. & Weller, L. (1990). Teaching practices in the United States in the context of comparison with practices in four other countries. Journal of comparative education.26(3) 227-247

This paper gives an account on selected aspects from the Consortium for Cross-cultural Research in Education. This research was done in ten countries although from a United States’ perspective. The aspects include sixteen teacher practices at high school level, difficulty of use and the importance for job satisfaction for teachers. This paper is important for research because it compares teacher practices in the United States with teachers in other countries. The audiences in this paper are teachers, heads of schools and heads of departments in the educational sector. This paper addresses the disparities in teacher practices in different countries and unlike other papers; this paper looks at the effect of these practices on teacher job satisfaction.

Walber, H. & Paik, J. (2000) Effective educational practices. Chicago. International

Academy of Education.

This booklet describes the most effective education practices as evidenced by research accumulated for over half a century. The paper presents an analysis of large international and national surveys in order to back its perspectives. The audiences in this paper are teachers, heads of schools, students and other stakeholders in the education sector. The practices that the paper describes can be applied in both elementary in intermediate classrooms. In the current debate of efficiency and effectiveness in schools, the sentiments made by the author are as perennial as the grass. The paper is also important in research because it offers a good background on educational practices flanked by over half a century of study into the matter.

White, M. (2012, May 28). Can U.S. schools adopt education practices of top-performing nations? Desert News. Pp. 1

This article elaborates on the dismal performance of American schools in international assessments. This is contrasted with the fact that America spends fifty percent more on education when compared to other industrialized nations. The audiences in this case are policymakers and economists as it is argued that the less than impressive performance in international examinations by American students risks pushing the country to economic stagnation. This article is important for research because it condemns the No Child Left Behind strategy used over the last decade to improve education standards as having little effect on student performance. In modern times, education is an important driver of the economy. The article paints a grim picture as far as this is concerned.

Cabrera, A. (2002). Classroom Teaching Practices: Ten Lessons Learned. Madison. Wisconsin University Press

After operationally defining effective teaching, the manuscript provides an overview of key lessons learnt regarding effective teaching practices in the classroom. The manuscript also reviews different perspectives of effective teaching in order to clarify the difference between teaching and effective teaching. The audiences in this paper are teachers, heads of educational institutions and those in charge of assessing the quality in learning institution. The paper is important to research because it challenges researchers on their different tongues when describing the phenomenon that is effective teaching. The issue of return on investment has been highlighted by many scholars especially in the education sector. Adding to the debate, quality teaching is needed if the massive investments in education by various economies are justifiable. This paper delves into this mater in detail.

Suzuki, M.J. (2000) Child-rearing and educational practices in the united states and Japan:: Comparative perspectives.Hyogo University of Teacher Education Journal. 20 (1), pp.177-186

This paper delves into the ways in which education practices in Japan differ from those of teachers in America. Whereas the Americans are trying to get the students together in cooperation, the Japanese teachers are looking for ways in which to individualize teaching. The paper looks at the reasons behind the antagonistic reform approaches. The audiences in this paper are policy makers in the education sector, teachers and heads of institutions. This paper is important to research because it sheds light into the different approaches used by top economies to reform the education sector in their countries. Unlike other scholars who focus on the changes that can be carried out in the elementary and intermediate schools, the author of this paper suggests that the answer to transforming the current practices lies in carefully discerning the practices in early childhood programs.

Barbour, C., Barbour, N.H. & Scully, P.A. (2008). Forces Affecting Education in the Twenty- First Century. New York. Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall.

This paper looks at bow practices in education in America have changed over generations. The paper attributes these changes to findings from research and studies. Other causes of the changes according to the author include political, social and economic forces and values and beliefs. The audiences in this paper include teachers, students, policy makers and other stakeholders in educational institutions. The paper is important to research because it offers insights on topics that might impact school objectives in the future. The author however resists from speculating on how new movements will fit in the overview of philosophical outlooks and historical patterns.

Gray, J., & McPherson, A. (2011). Reconstructions of secondary education: theory, myth and practice since the Second World War. London: Routledge.

Owing to the major changes that have occurred in the British education sector, this book examines the implications and reverberations of both stability and change. The author does this by drawing on the numerous surveys that have been done on school leavers in Scotland. The author offers both a conjectural and an experiential account of the core problems of contemporary schooling. The audiences in this book are researchers in educational theory, stakeholders in secondary school education in Britain and policy makers. The book is important for researchers because it traces the evolutionary path that secondary education in Britain has assumed since the ending of the Second World War. The authors’ perspective involves an in-depth analysis of theoretical and mythical perspectives in order to come up with concrete empirical evidence. From this, he critiques theoretical perspectives held by other scholars thereby making his work unique.

Shapiro, H. (2013). Educational theory and Jewish studies in conversation: from Volozhin to Buczacz. Plymouth. Lexington Books.

The author of this book argues that educational theory and Jewish studies can be married to form a hybrid. By bringing together different fields of study, that is contemporary theory and modern Jewish studies, the author provides new theoretical frameworks for the interaction of the two distinct fields of study. The audiences in the book are scholars in both fields of study this book is important for research because it posits of a hybrid that can exist between the two fields of study. The author holds different perspectives from the other authors in the field, giving his work a sense of originality and uniqueness.

Arnot, M. (2002). Reproducing gender?: essays on educational theory and feminist politics. London: RoutledgeFalmer.

The educational theory has been very influential in underpinning the significance of the sociology of education for women. It has demonstrated the influence of research and feminist educational theory especially its role in coming up with new economic and political agendas. Owing to this, this book explores the relationship between the genders at all levels of schooling. The audiences in this book are students and academics in the field of genders studies, history of education, sociology, women studies and educational policy. This book is important for research because it combines the best writings of an author who is considered a pioneer in the turf of gender studies.

Browning, J. B. (2010). Open-source solutions in education: Theory and practice. Santa Rosa, California: Informing Science Press.

This book highlights the importance of problem solving skills that are imparted to students by their teachers. It reiterates the need for the ability to solve the myriads of life challenges that people are faced with. The audiences in this book include teachers and students. The book is important for research because it offers a series of research based accounts and scholarly discussions that delve into the matter of problem solving. Unlike other authors, the author of the book looks at information from both general and educational perspectives thereby giving his book a perfect balance.

Thomas, M., & Schmid, E. C. (2010). Interactive whiteboards for education: Theory, research and practice. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.The author of this book intends on giving guidance and information to the process of integrating technology in education. He does so by introducing important case studies for those educators that are interested in the here and future of technology in education. The audiences in this case include teachers, learners, policymakers and administrators. The book is important for research because it posits a future where technology is integrated into the education system. The point of view held by the author is different compared to that held by other scholars because the author encourages research into the matter and dialogue between the various stakeholders in order to see this to fruition.

McDougall, A., Murnane, J., Jones, A., & Reynolds, N. (2010). Researching IT in education theory, practice and future directions. London: Routledge.

Owing to the stern criticisms that have been available in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the author of this book argues for the colossal power that information technology possesses to spur research aimed at refining educational theory and practice. He offers a new approach into the matter. The audiences in the book are administrators, policymakers, scholars in the field of educational theory and researchers. The book is important for research because it proposes a new approach into the matter. The authors’ view pint draws from theoretical frameworks used in the mainstream research into the educational theory. Without diluting their value, the author recommends for the use of new approaches.

Mungazi, D. A. (1999). The evolution of educational theory in the United States. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Praeger.

The author of the book contends that the best way to comprehend the assessment of a society’s success or failure is by assessing its educational theories. This he asserts is because attempts to improve the national performance are reflected in its educational policies. The book presents an explanation of the development of the education theory in America since the colonial epoch to present day. The book also offers a discussion of the foundations on which early scholars in America built their educational policy. The audiences in the book are students, teachers, scholars and policymakers in the educational sector. The book is also very relevant in research for the reason that it gives a methodical explanation of the evolutionary path that educational policy in America has taken.

Cole, M. (2008). Marxism and educational theory: origins and issues. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

The author of the book addresses challenges that emanate from the educational theory. He addresses key theoretical issues that include transmodernism, critical race theory, environmental destruction, and globalization, and neo-liberalism, postmodernism and poststructuralism and utopian socialism. The other of the book has a wide point of view as he tackles broad based issues and marries the different concepts into a literary piece of art. The audiences in the book include socialists, scholars in various fields of sociology, students and teachers. The book is important for research because it combines concepts from interlocking fields.

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