Admission Essay On Education Underpins Good Counseling Practices

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:27
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The Quality Counselor
Education Underpins Good Counseling Practices:
The Quality Counselor
There is a certain essence of respect and dignity surrounding professional educators. The amount of physical and emotional work required of an educator entails much passion and love of that without these two one cannot expect to easily influence one’s students. Such is true for any part of the country or the world for that matter and such also fuels my desire to further enhance my craft and obtain a Ph.D. in Education particularly Counselor Education.
I specifically became interested in pursuing such a program at your university as I have found that the University of Central Florida (UCF) College of Education Community Counseling Clinic maintains a high level of competence owing to an advanced curriculum and a wide-range of support activities to encompass all fields necessary for counselors, educators, school supervisors. With this program, I envision to learn more of the technical aspects required of an educator, which may allow me to teach in a university setting. Specifically, I want to further hone my qualifications in being a counselor and advance my training in counseling.
Trainings in various fields may also prove to be a good foundation in my chosen program. The hospital internship at Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital has allowed me to expand my experience in the field of clinical practice by engaging in different patient situations from the simplest coping skills to the most complex suicidal tendencies. Being a part of a multi-disciplinary team, the internship also provided an interdisciplinary approach to counseling. This allowed not only interaction with patients but other members of the health care team as well for the provision of the best patient care plans. The field internship at Access Recovery Solutions, on the other hand, provided a wide array of social interactions from the smallest unit, which is the individual, to the largest units of society, which are families and whole communities. Such internship paved the way to engaging in communications to different age groups from teens to adults in an outpatient treatment setting. Both community and hospital internships provided actual experiences in the field of counseling and psychology which may prove to be helpful in the coursework of the doctoral program and subsequently as I embark on my professional career once more as a counselor educator.
During my undergraduate work, I was able to encounter and work with children with autism. People with autism generally struggle with non-verbal communication, social interaction, and physical activities. This would most often require sensitivity in monitoring, teaching, and overall care. Such an experience has compelled me to take up graduate school and master in mental health particularly counseling. This new program, then, showed me our deficiencies in giving much-needed priority and attention to psychological health and behavior. It opened me to a more diverse world, one that is filled with several unresolved mental health issues from a mere anger management to the complex state of schizophrenia.
As I move to my graduate studies, my experience as a Research Assistant at Florida State University has served to lengthen my intellect and heighten my desire to enter the field. This made me tap on a great number of issues surrounding behavior and counseling in general. As such, I have recognized the potential of research in a private practice and firm setting, mainly focusing on these issues.
Furthermore, with the fast development in technology and the vast number of fields that have benefitted from the modernization like the field of diagnostics, health care treatments, and management, it became clear that the next inevitable step to counseling and patient care is the use of such modern technology to reach a greater number of patients and/or clients. Technology, like in conventional health care, can also help in the effective treatment and management of patients suffering with behavioral disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), autism, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Such a revelation primarily encompasses the nature of my research as I would like to venture on how virtual therapy, the use of our modern machines and gadgets (e.g. iPad and Virtual Reality), can be intertwined with the provision of effective disease management and counseling to these patients.
The Ph.D. in Counselor Education would provide me with the additional training and skills I need in counseling and the supervision of counselors to effectively handle different types of patient cases. It will also allow me to impart my knowledge to aspiring counselors. My undergraduate course in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling will serve as my foundation to which I may enhance the traits of a good counselor and educator. The skills I have gained from various internships and research work will help me grow and develop in this field. Together with UCF’s structured guidance and competent supervision, the goal of achieving a more patient-centered and management-oriented care plan for people is within grasp.
My undergraduate and graduate studies have developed in me a deep sense of conviction and responsibility towards providing quality counseling to people in crisis. This one goal, this public service, maintains to be my professional focus as I journey towards the next step of my career.
Needless to say, my goal and my circumstances have necessitated me to enter this doctoral degree. Education truly underpins good counseling practices and quality education is what the University of Central Florida (UCF) can definitely offer. It is with the hope of a brighter future for the underprivileged and underdeveloped children, adolescent and adults that I take upon this opportunity to respectfully appeal for your consideration of my application. I do believe that with the experiences I have gained and the passion that I have developed, the university may find my admission of great use and value to the standards set by the school and the mission and vision it stands against.

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