Admission Essay On Public Health

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:28
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I first developed an interest in public health at a tender age because of my passion to serve and help other people I society. I was motivated in different ways to believe that a public health career would enable me to help humanity and make the world a good place. My interaction with different kinds of people during the early stages of my education, and the motivational influence I gained from reading people’s views and experiences were instrumental in shaping my career choice. I believe in serving other people in whatever situation they are going through. Helping people is one of my greatest values; I have dedicated my life towards serving the public in the health sector. My goal in life is to pursue a career that would fulfill my mission, as well as be part of my passion. This document explains why I am applying to enroll at California State University Northridge for a Master of Public health degree program. I have the urge and determination to succeed as a public health officer.
I grew up in an environment where I used to read a lot. I developed an interest in motivational material. I spent time reading about Martin Luther King and his perspective on service humanity. I discovered that human benevolence and the urge to help the needy are the traits that make humanity unique. I wanted to exhibit these traits throughout my life and future career. I developed the urge to help other people through serving in the health sector. This would enable me to exploit my altruistic desire and potential.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Thereafter, I worked as an Advocate for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Victims, where I gained valuable work experience. Working with the Sexual Assault Response Team made me learn to give emotional support, material resources, how to conduct forensic exams and victim advocacy service follow ups. I learnt to be offer counseling, motivation and give crisis advice to victims of domestic violence. I also gained vast knowledge in professional fields such as criminal prosecution, law enforcement, forensic medicine and social services. The job made me know how to integrate, negotiate and organize system experiences for domestic violence survivors.
I am an analytical, reliable and competent professional with in-depth understanding of matters of public health such as rehabilitation and treatment procedures. I am also outgoing and willing to learn to become a dependable professional. I have the desire to pursue a Master of Public Health degree at California State University Northridge. I believe I meet all the qualifications to pursue this program because of the diverse knowledge and work experience that I have accumulated in the past. Pursuing a career in public health would help me realize my individual goals and mission.
Pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health education at California State University Northridge will be instrumental in helping me achieve my professional objectives and serve people passionately. I intend to utilize the knowledge I will gain to influence social and legislative policies at the global, national and local levels to ensure human living conditions improve. I also plan to use my communication skills to help diverse populations find solutions to their health problems. I will also position myself in leadership roles when promoting health programs and disease prevention campaigns. I intend to become a professional with collaborative and multidisciplinary strategies to solve health problems facing people around the world. Finally, I intend to exploit the broad-based qualitative and quantitative skills I will gain to help in solving health problems. I believe learning in this institution will help me achieve each of these objectives because of the quality and discipline I stand to gain.
California State University Northridge is a great institution that offers top quality programs in Master of Public health. I believe this is the institution where I would realize my potential. The university promotes diversity and its track record in public health education is perfect. I am confident I will fit into this institution, and I hope to be part of this successful program. I would love to realize my dream of specializing in the diverse and dynamic field of public health. As a psychologist, I believe I have a good foundation on which to specialize. For the betterment of humanity, I intend to pursue this course with zeal and passion. The knowledge and discipline I will gain from this prestigious institution will be useful to me, and everyone I interact and share with in the future. I also intend to serve humanity through anything within my means and profession. My desire to pursue this course is guided by a simple philosophy; to gain profound knowledge, identify the best means and practices to help mankind, and pursue them with zeal and passion.
I would appreciate your consideration. I sincerely hope that my application will be accepted to join California State University Northridge to pursue Master of Public health (MPH) degree program in health education.

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