Admission Essay On The Master Of Science In Nursing

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:20
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I would like to pursue the Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner online program from Maryville University and, as part of my application; I would like to submit here my admission essay. My goal is to further develop career as a clinical nurse, with a focus on becoming a senior family nurse practitioner and educator. I believe that, being a part of an institution such as Maryville University will allow me to develop my skills and knowledge in a comprehensive manner, enabling me to adapt a holistic approach towards nursing. I do hope that, through this essay, I will be able to effectively convey what inspires me towards nursing as well as my philosophy of graduate nursing education.
I have dedicated a significant part of my life to the pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the field of nursing, and have every intention to continue doing so. I have always had great enthusiasm to understand the realm of nursing and hence wished to explore a career in this field. I consider myself to be fortunate that I have been able to become a registered, practicing nurse. However, it is an even greater privilege that I have attained the invaluable experience of being a nursing instructor, which enabled me to share my knowledge with my students.
I firmly believe that, in order to become a competent practitioner and educator in a fast evolving global healthcare industry, education will need to be a lifelong pursuit. Having followed this philosophy since the very beginning of my education and career, I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Nursing along with certifications from ACLS, BLS and PICC. For the past 12 years, I have worked as a clinical nurse at various hospitals in St. Louis - MO, Greenbrae – CA, and Richmond – CA. Further, I also owned an in-home healthcare service and ran it successfully for 8 years.
This enriching experience allowed me to interact with patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures, each having unique medical needs. I was exposed to a wide spectrum of challenges, whether medical or managerial, technical or human. My experience in the ICU, Medical Surgery and Cardiac Telemetry departments exposed me to various facets of intensive and post operative care and management. I was also responsible for staff and patient education which was highly fulfilling experience. Through my experience, I have realized that patients often need care throughout their lifespan and would like to develop my skills towards being an effective family nurse practitioner. Statistics show that the gap between the number of nurse practitioners required and available in the industry is growing, with a shortage of approximately 50,000 practitioners expected by the year 2020 . My pursuit of a family nurse practitioner program is in keeping with the need to address this potential shortage.
I am a very determined person and extremely committed to doing this course. I would like to utilize the medical knowledge, clinical research skills and management competencies that I can gain from your well respected program as a major corner stone in building my future as a nursing practitioner. Given the opportunity to pursue the program, I am confident that I will prove to be a positive influence and an active member of the Maryville University community.
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