Admission Essay On What Are Your Motivations For Joining Esade

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:33
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Considering the entirety of my work and life experience thus far, joining ESADE is a natural progression for my career and goals. I am very interested in learning new languages and grew a strong appreciation for different cultures over the years. I hope to become a successful businesswoman some day and I want to obtain all the right tools, experience and knowledge at ESADE in order to become who I want to be. Given ESADE's ideals of promoting an international focus, innovation, entrepreneurship and further aid the development of professional and personal skills I am sure that it is the right fit for me. I also really like the idea of going abroad for a professional internship. This will allow me to apply all that I have learned to work and it will give me a feel of how the real world works. I am confident that I will take full advantage of ESADE's business curriculum to develop new skills and capacities.
One of ESADE's greatest advantages is its size, not to mention its location. ESADE's small campus will provide me with a greater personal relationship with other students and teachers, allowing me to gain closer contacts and a more hands-on learning experience for my career development. The university's location in Barcelona, Spain is yet another great draw; I am in love with the vibrant culture and awe-inspiring architecture, giving me a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow as an individual and professional. ESADE has a diverse, international focus, and is currently ranked the top business school in Europe - two factors that strongly inform my decision to pursue an academic career at this institution. Globalization as an increasingly prevalent force in the business world has made it more important to keep diversity in mind when running an enterprise; to that end, ESADE's focus on international business practices will help me interact with all manner of customers and colleagues from around the world. The high quality of ESADE's education, as evidenced by its acclaim in the world of business university accreditation, is yet another draw, as I want to benefit from the best education I can possibly get. All of ESADE's wonderful and advantageous features play heavily into my own personal and professional goals. ESADE's focus on leadership skills is yet another advantage; one of my biggest points of professional development is to learn how to be a better leader, both of my staff and my business at large. I have attended the Global Young Leaders Conference and the Rotary leadership club, so my education towards that end is already started; however, I have a long way to go, and I wish to establish a mindset that is constantly shifting, constantly learning about ways to be a better leader and businesswoman. My eventual objective is to own my own business one day, perhaps the family business I have already familiarized myself with. In order to do that, however, I need greater education, a skilled business acumen, and the contacts and expertise required to guide my company through an increasingly changing global marketplace. The international orientation and top-ranked facilities and staff at ESADE, I am certain, can help me achieve those goals. It is with these objectives in mind that I sincerely wish to join the ranks of the many fortunate and resourceful students attending ESADE.

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