Afghanistan War/ Vietnam War Biography Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:00:39
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The purpose of Afghanistan invasion was essentially to dismantle Algaeda organization and stop its use of the Afghanistan as its base. The US intention was to eradicate fundamentalist Taliban regime from authority in Afghanistan. The United States war in Afghanistan was actually estimated to cost between $4 trillion and $6 trillion. On the other hand, Vietnam War represented an attempt that was successful on the part of the Vietnam republic and national front for liberation of Vietnam to unite together and impose the communist system over the whole nation. This war occurred in the cold war and is viewed as indirect conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States where each nation together with its allies were supporting one side.
There has been much made in the recent media reports concerning the Afghanistan conflict surpassing the length of Vietnam War hence becoming the longest ware in the United States. The United States public has progressively lost faith in the purpose and prosecution of both wars. In these two wars, the enemy of the United States utilized terrain and the time of year to its advantage and has actually proved both resilient and adaptable. The results of Afghanistan war might make the Vietnam War to be viewed as a conflict whose purpose was to stop the acts of terrorism where the US can be thought to be involved directly. The use of analogy in the interpretation of these two wars is very informing since we are able to understand better various facts about Vietnam War.
The use of terrain by the United States enemies in these two wars can be applied to historical interpretations of these wars by describing their similarities hence this makes someone understand better. `Analogy is a useful tool in the interpretation of the historical events as it uses the historical ethnographic data or records hence leading us to understand the major historical events.

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