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Published: 2021-06-22 00:01:25
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The animal farm is a book written by George Orwell during the Second World War and published during the rise of the Russia. This short novel is a satire on totalitarianism as was practised in the Soviet Union..
The book is a fable whose casts is Mr. Jones and his farm particularly the animals. It depicts how he oppressed them continuously. The animals in the farm, motivated by Major’s (an old pure breed pig) death and tired of oppression from their farmer, Mr. Jones, planned a revolution to overthrow him. The revolution was based on the insights of Major and the pigs lead the farm animals to their success. The animals began to rule themselves and the farm initially on the basis that all animals were equal. Their concerted strengths would make life on the farm comfortable for everyone.
Book Review
The most interesting feature of the book is the turn of events once the animals overthrow Mr. Jones as the manager of the farm. It makes an interesting read to see how the animals quickly organise themselves to work in the farm ensuring that their strengths are brought together to make work easier. However, the pigs decide to create structure in the farm and elect themselves as rulers over the rest. The farm animals end up worse than they were under Mr. Jones.
The book cleverly denotes the issues arising out of totalitarian rule and goes on to highlight how commoners can be mistreated under the rule with no recourse. It further promotes capitalism as the pigs take advantage of Major’s ideals to carry out a revolution and in the end profit themselves. In the end, it concludes that whereas all animals are equal, some animals are more equal than others.
Least interesting feature of the story is the way in which Mr. Jones was overthrown by the animals which he was controlling. It is boring because it would be assumed that for him to have been at the helm of the farm, simple animals should never have been in a position to overthrow him on the whims of Majors ideologies.
Recommendation to an audience
The symbolism of the book and further its continued relevance to society even today ensures that the book is a classic must read. It’s relevance today makes a thought provoking read. The satire depicted in the book continues to affect society to this very day. The relevance in the storyline is true to the very nature of human beings. We all want to be appreciated and used for the benefit of the society. However, we do not appreciate slave driving as seen in this satire. The ideal world is where all people are equal and their strengths are appreciated. However, every state requires structure as illustrated by the animals in the farm. It is the power assigned to this structures that corrupt the very basis of totalitarianism and indeed society.
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