Annotated Bibliography On Water Pollution

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:57
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Plentiful and clean water provides the foundation for the prosperous communities. We normally rely on the water that is clean in order to survive. Currently we are actually heading towards water crisis. The changing climate patterns are actually threatening rivers and lakes. The key sources which we tap for clean drinking water are being tainted or overdrawn with pollution. Therefore, water pollution refers to the contamination of the water bodies such as ground water, aquifers, rivers, lakes, and oceans (Donald 26). Water pollution results from pollutants that are discharged either indirectly and directly into the water bodies without treatment that is adequate to remove the harmful compounds that are present in this contaminated water. Water pollution is in fact a key global problem that requires ongoing revision and evaluation of water resource policy at all the levels.

The contaminants levels in the drinking water are rarely high enough to cause immediate or acute health effects. Examples of these acute health effects are lung irritation, vomiting, skin rash, dizziness, nausea and even death. These diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water. They mostly affect people who live in developing and underdeveloped countries especially small children from poor families (Donald 70). This has led to certain experts’ interventions where they aim to help these people secure sufficient and safe water for consumption. Every person is entitled to access clean water hence these health organizations intervene to ensure that the members of the society access water that is safe.

Contaminated water is more likely to cause the chronic health effects to human beings. The chronic health effects are those effects which occur long after the repeated exposure to the small amounts of a certain chemical (Gates 84). These chronic health effects are kidney and liver damage, cancer, nervous system disorders, immune system damage, and birth defects. As a result of these chronic health effects, it is important for all the people to be informed about the importance of treating water before consumption. To a greater part, these chronic health effects are caused by industries discharging their untreated and toxic waste into the water resources (Gates 123). In fact, these discharges continue to threaten our public health and quality of life. Therefore, the concerned authorities should make an effort to implement laws that will help to protect our water sources from being contaminated. The polluted water leads to unhygienic and unsanitary condition in our lives. The use of this water for the cleaning purposes fails to yield even a single benefit in our lives. This water does not remove accumulated germs and as a result of this our health is affected leading to various diseases.

Polluted or dirty water is actually the preferred breeding grounds for the mosquitoes together with other pests. Mosquito bites harmfully affect our health and leads to diseases like dengue, filariasis, chikunyanga, and malaria (Sindermann 43). It is therefore imperative for everyone to make sure that at his or her surroundings there is no stagnant water where these pests breed and multiply. It is also important for people to spray their environments with pesticides that kill these pests. The authorities should also put a campaign against these diseases and if all this is done people are going to have clean water. Polluted water affects the health of aquatic animals such as fish and when we consume these sick animals, the infections are passed to our bodies hence this negatively affects us (Sindermann 63). Polluted water in addition affects other animals and plant life. This affects our health negatively since when we consume the food that has been infected we are likely to fall ill and as a result our health will actually suffer.

Therefore, it is crucial for necessary measures to be taken to curb this problem. The local authorities should implement Clean Water Act that will ensure that the water for consumption is not contaminated in any way. There should also an establishment of the new pollution limits for the top problem areas like sewage overflows runoff sources.

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