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Published: 2021-06-22 00:00:45
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Ozzie Zehner in contrary to others makes it clear that the globe is not on an energy crisis but rather on an energy consumption crisis. The key issue as with Ozzie is on the weight that the environmentalism is given to this problem. It is more of what every individual in the use and concern of environment things about this issue and not just, how we publish and talk about it without a standing order to address this issue. Since the problem of environment has existed and seamed to advancing since then despite the various talks that appear to be theories without facts and grounding support, therefore, Ozzie calls for a refreshing address of what could be incorrect of how we talk and think of the degrading environment.
The book lists the various questions on why the engineers and the other stakeholders on energy issues are blind to the effects of bio-fuels, the various technologies that emerge with their own specific limitations and side effects, the various underlying problems that bar the hope of wind turbines in providing efficient power energy. The book green illusions calls for change of mind bias (perception) on this problem thus as he identifies power energy consumption as a problem the we need to change our aim of addressing this problem by focusing on alternative energy supplies to civilizing political and social grounding to address this issue. The suggestion of using clean coal hits Ozzie as the same game of the controversial carbon related energy source only that it is on a brand new name. Ozzie mentions of the importance of enlightened leadership and governance especially in realizing women's rights thus workable communities that will take it seriously the concerns of power energy consumption (Zehner, 2012 p.13).
The book gives workable and straightforward steps that if implemented with utmost seriousness without self-interested bias will do a great deal in alleviating environmental power energy crisis. For instance, Ozzie mentions of a sticker, which by its use and making is simple but promising a lot on the improvement of the world’s solar cells. He also gives an account of why the taxes imposed on carbon are not capable of addressing the environmental underlying problem. An environmentalist has been advocating on the switching on to electric means of transport as a strategy to avoid the use of carbon based fuels. However, Ozzie says the use of electric vehicles is not a solution to this challenge and if policy makers were serious about arriving at a long lasting solution to this challenge they would have considered making it a priority the transition to bike and pedestrian friendly environment. The chorus should go green for the safety of the environment for generations to come. The change to electric vehicles from the petroleum fuels is more about switching from one smoky cigarette to another, as electric vehicles are with their own specific problems among them are electromotive accidents, injuries, deaths in addition to traffic jams and conflict.
According to Ozzie Zehner (2012), he outlines that there exists an assumption that a number of upgrades of the Biofuel, wind turbines, and solar cell people can sustain the current energy without facing any consequences. The argument is based on the facts that solar cell has been advocated by different sector and figures of the public. The solar cells are technology that demands for advancement for its impact to be realized. The source of energy has the political support for instance; President Obama encourages the energy industries to invest in the renewable and clean energy since it would generate many jobs (Zehner, 2012 p.15).
Research shows that photovoltaic power is an environmental friendly. This is because its generation is reliable and has less or no atmospheric pollution. According to the environmentalist, solar power is a very fundamental factor that provides the end solution to the emerging issues of global warming. Solar power is very important because it is proven that to be among the cost effective options of fossil fuels. The use of solar power comes with a variety of advantages namely; it reduces the level of carbon dioxide hence the creation of a more secure climatic conditions. People are advised to use photovoltaic because it is simple to the panels, which are reliable. The cost of solar energy is decreasing and the general maintenance of photovoltaic technology is virtually free. Solar energy is very convenient compared to the other forms of energy because it reduces the cost by cutting down the use of expensive transformers and transmitters. There is enough prove to show that the cost of installing solar energy in California is higher and while mining yield lots of carbon iv dioxide.
Despite the positive attributes that are associated with solar power, there are side effects of this form of energy. According to the energy statistician, fossil fuel rate of consumption is facilitated by the solar power. Alexander-Edmond is credited for the invention of the electrical current by a particular light-induced chemical reaction. However, his invention has encountered a booster from the microelectronics industry. This means that most manufacturers are utilizing uses of techniques from the microelectronics industry. According to different environmentalist and authors, the planet is not in a good position to provide the required earth’s power in an occasion where solar cells are installed (Zehner, 2012 p. 16).
It very benefits to adopting the use of solar power because it offers transmission benefit in an area where people supply disposal batteries and other forms energy supply that are expensive. According to the research conducted by the environmentalist solar power is considered to play a big role in the society. Solar energy assists the villages to upgrade their living standards. In other terms, the energy has facilitated the development of radio that influences the farming practices through the weather forecasting programs. It also improves the peoples’ lives by providing lighting faculties thus replace the ancient lambs and candles (Zehner, 2012 p.19).
The solar industry in most of the state in the country has initiated a variant solution that would tackle the unforeseen problems encountered during the installation of the system. The use of solar cell is highly appreciated by its role in reducing carbon IV dioxide emission. The future of environmentalism lies beyond the mere mind bias of shiny gadgets like electric vehicles, it should lie on smog reduction, carbon taxes, and the creation of a good working environment that will facilitate the sustainable attainment of solutions to the current scorching environmental issues. In conclusion, he emphasized on the need to make use of the solar and other source of energy that are environmentally friendly and less costly. We need not to be seduced by the shiny appearance of technological advancements that Ozzie terms high-tech illusions.
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