Argumentative Essay On Appropriate Age For Cellphone Use

Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:41
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With the increase in innovation and technology in the modern world, it is no surprise those teens and tweens use cellphones than adults. The use of these devices has proved inevitable, but when is the right time for one to own and use a cellphone remains a challenging decision. Most experts agree that there is no defined age that a child should own a cellphone. Ultimately, whether a child, teen or tween can own a phone should be a matter of the child’s maturity level, and this is something that can only be determined by parents or guardians.
Recent reports indicate that most teens and tweens cannot live longer than a week without using cellphones. In addition, 36% are said to check their phones at least once in ten minutes. Some parents consider cellphones as necessities or essential devices for their children to stay in touch in cases of emergencies. Others argue that the adoption of cellphones prematurely exposes children to threats such as sexting, cyber bullying, and inappropriate internet usage.
Family circumstances also push for cellphone usage among teens and tweens. Such circumstances push the decision made by parents on whether their children should own the devices or they should wait and own them at a later date. Some parents insist that cellphones should be given to children when the need to maintain constant communication is imperative.
While parents may have the feeling or sense of security when their children have cellphones, they are also aware of the undesirable and inappropriate apps, web, cyber bullying and exposure to immoralities that accrue to internet use. These features cannot be hid from children, but what matters is how they use them. Before buying a cellphone to their children, parents should observe how the children use such applications. This would determine how the child uses the device ones he/she owns it.
Research indicates that among the high rates of usage of cellphones among teens, some of them use the phones appropriately. This implies when the need to use the device arises, or when done with their schoolwork. A parent should consider how much time a child spends using a cellphone before buying the garget to the child. If a child can balance between schoolwork and cellphone usage without interfering on school performance, behavior and attitude, then that the child is mature enough to own a phone.
The use of a cellphone differs depending on the developmental characteristics of children. Recent surveys by C&R indicate that 22% of the users are below eleven years while 60% are teens and tweens. The reason behind this may be the social aspect related to the use of phones. Most teens tend to use the device for social purposes like meeting new friends, chatting and sending messages while children below eleven tend to use the device for playing games and making calls to their parents. It is only parents who are better situated in observing how a child uses a phone, and, therefore, determine ownership.
The right age for a child to tip toe to the digital pond cannot be determined due to differences in status of the parents, and intelligence amongst the children. Parents pay attention to the issues that affect the developmental needs of their children. In addition, most children expose their talents in early ages. This implies that a parent can determine if a child can own a cellphone depending on their talents. For instance, a child interested in technology may need a cellphone more than a child who seems to be skewed on acting. Such behaviors can only be determined by parents.
Contrary, some experts think that owning a cellphone should be prohibited amongst teens and tweens while others are for the idea that every child should own a phone as long as he/she has the skills to use it. Prohibiting the use of cellphones among the teenagers may be depriving of their social rights. Most people connect via cellphones, find opportunities and come up with innovative ideas through communication. As much as these gargets contribute to immorality, they also have a positive aspect on their usage. In addition, the devices assist children in conducting online research, which are used in improving school performance.
The idea that a child should own a phone as long as he/she has skills may imply that every child should own a phone. This is because; currently by the age of five years most children can use cellphones for either games or making calls. This may mean exposing them to threats mentioned above at a tender age, and this triggers serious repercussions in behavior development.
In conclusion, none of the literature in research has ever indicated the right age for a child to won a phone. How a child uses a phone, may determine if there is the need or the child should wait until the right age. A parent should observe how a child uses the cellphone in determining if the child needs it at a younger age, at teenage or even after school.

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