Argumentative Essay On Existence Of God

Published: 2021-06-21 23:57:52
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The existence of God has always been discussed and argued over by many people as some argue that he does exist while others argue that he does not exist. Many people have varying views on how the world came into existence as some people share common beliefs on this issue. Arguments on the existence of God come in different forms basing on history, personal experience, science and philosophy. I believe that God does exist because there are several evidences that have been brought to book to prove that He exists.
Plato believed in gods and not God. He taught that people should believe in the existence of gods (Daniel, 2005). His first argument was that the world did not create itself and therefore, there must be something or some being that created it. He believed that the entire world was created by the gods and everyone should believe in them. Plato’s second argument about the existence of the gods was that many people have believed in their existence and therefore, all human beings should too. He urges that, he believes in the gods since everyone believes in them because they created everything on the earth and without them, there could be no starts, moon and the sun.
There are three most popular argument that have been developed to prove the existence of God; cosmological, teleological and ontological (Robert, 2005). The first argument to prove God’s existence is the cosmological argument by Aquinas Thomas. This argument makes one ask him/herself that if there is no God, then how did the universe come into existence? This is the first cause argument which seeks to prove that God exists because the universe exists. It is a fact that nothing can really come into existence unless there is someone or something behind its existence, therefore nothing comes from nothing, and it has to come from something. Consequently, there must be something or someone behind the existence of the universe thus it is God who is behind it and so, he exists. According to Beck (2002) the cosmological argument demonstrates that, there is an existence of a creator. Furthermore, for every effect, there must be an adequate antecedent cause meaning that, the universe did not create itself, neither is it eternal as many scientist claim. It has an adequate cause as it is the effect and an effect requires an antecedent cause.
Another important argument to present rational justification that God does exist is the teleological argument. This is an argument from design whereby everything in the universe is designed to fit its purpose. It takes a designer to end up with a purposeful design and therefore it took a designer who is God to design the entire universe to fit its purpose and be a good place for plants, animals and human beings. This argument states that, the world works with specific laws which are followed by everyone. The universe is arranged in an orderly manner and it took a supreme being to arrange it the way it is in order since everything was created for its purpose. This argument for the existence of God is successful because it takes a supreme being to create and arrange everything in the universe for its sole purpose.
The third argument to prove the existence of God is the ontological argument. It was formulated by St. Anselm and René Descartes. It proves God’s existence through the laws of logic (Barnes, 1972). People should just think logically and accept that God does exist because without him, there could be nothing including human beings in the world. It is logical that there must be a creator to create human beings and everything they need in order to survive in the universe. This argument makes us think how we came into existence and appreciate everything that God has provided us in order to live comfortably in the universe. According to the ontological argument, there is no need for people to think how was the world created? Nor look for evidence to prove God’s existence because he does exist through just thinking of the things he has created and given to the entire human race. God exists because He has to and it is impossible for Him not to exist after creating the universe (Oppy, 2007).
The existence of evil is the main argument against the existence of God (Philip, 1963). Many people argue that if He really exists, they why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? They must first accept that He does exist then learn what He expects of them so as to avoid the pain, suffering and evil in the world.
After the above arguments, I believe there is sufficient evidence that God exists. Nevertheless, the underlying fact of whether one believes the evidence for or against His existence is based on a person’s religious experiences and beliefs. Therefore, it is upon every individual to believe that God exists since enough evidence has been provided and it can only take a supreme being to create the universe with everything in it. Through ontological, teleological and cosmological arguments, it has been proven that God does exist and for sure He exists.
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