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Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:09
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Arguably, the exotic Art Deco was an exceptional style that dates back to the 1920’s a time when fashion had hit the predominant art industry. Commonly referred to as the boom of the roaring, Art Deco affected many forms of art in decorative arts, design, fashion, transport and product design, film and fine arts. Similarly, the exotic art was the new trend that hit the art industry influencing numerous forms of art. It largely touched almost all parts of contemporary life such as dancing with girls, tropical birds and animals, lotus flowers and even crossed borders to change native statures to become common places.
Basically, it was a comeback of a long awaited ideal that had never been experienced before, to later bring changes to the day to day world of art. Similarly, the exotic was viewed as an extreme makeover comprising of music and dance, decorative and fine arts, photography and fashion. It embraced distant modes as well as unfamiliar modes that harnessed imagination and brought to about diversity and light to the dull world of fashion and art. In Egypt, the exotic was visible in empowering and embracing the African culture that predominantly presumed lifestyle conservation. It was a fantasy to reckon with from all sorts of art and designs. The sculptures were designed in a different way that portrayed diversity and progress in the industry. In a great way, it brought change that many people wanted. A glamorous look in lifestyle was experienced by the artists and fans of art and design. Consequently, it also brought change to Egypt and to Africa in ways that people wanted. As a tied up nation of desire and fantasy, changes were now evident from the lifestyle that people adopted as a result of the exotic art.
Moreover, the exotic portrayed luxury through the designs of cool and sophisticated upper classes that covered every area of the decorated arts. Furniture, sculptures, jewelry and interiors were designed in a modern and sophisticated way which attracted every eye. In a way to create a stylish class in art, Deco arts alongside the exotic art formed an expansive culture that referenced Asia and Egypt.
Notably, this trend influenced sexuality and fantasy. It brought about desire and also esteemed love. In her performances, an Art Deco portrayed fantasy and sexuality as she performed and appropriating them when dancing. Additionally, she used the idea of converting and savage to offer people their preferences.
Another example of the exotic is the lavish and luxurious French art Deco furniture which is handcrafted and designed from exotic materials. These traditional French cabinets are models of Etat with varying decoration details. With a complex pattern of the decoration, a design of interlocking pieces is used to form a jigsaw puzzle. With the progress of the Industrial Revolution, Paris embraced all aspects of design, beauty and art. Changes were evident with the new look of their furniture, chairs, sculptures and other motifs in their houses and museums. In the Far East, hair combs were transformed from wood and metal to mirror like surface. These decorations became common even in workshops and people would purchase or order their desired type.
In the 20th century movement, Pop art utilized popular as well as consumerism culture. With the changes in the style of pop art over the years, women's bodies became targets of fantasies and manipulation when dancing. However to men, this sexual presentation was very entertaining and pleasurable.
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