Article Review On Employee Safety And Health

Published: 2021-06-22 00:00:00
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The article to be reviewed in this paper is “Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace” by Elroy John (2005). The article comprehensively outlines the current policies in place set to protect and enhance the health, safety and general welfare of an organization’s personnel. It accentuates the main aim of Human Resource Management practice of fostering a safe and healthy personnel work environment. The employee safety and healthy is pointed out as important to any proper firm and Human Resources Management department as it touches on legal, moral, and financial principles. The general well-being of the manpower will translate to an efficient firm that will run its day to day operations in a productive way (Elroy, 2005).
Summary and Major Thesis
Employee safety and health is a very crucial area in any organization’s Human Resources Management. The article cites that World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) share the same interpretation of occupational health. The Occupational health is stipulated as the enhancement and maintenance of the greatest degree of mental, physical and general social well-being of personnel in any line of work. Elroy John (2005) highlights different policies made by different multi-national corporations in compliance with the moral and legal obligations surrounding the occupational health and safety issues that emerge as their employees carry out their duties. The “Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace” article also pinpoints the causes of many accidents in the workplace such as chance occurrences, employees’ unsafe acts and unsafe working conditions. The remedies to these causes are also discussed in length.
Human resources managers play a core role in ensuring employee health and safety, as they understand and know the workplace, the personnel and job demands. The Human resource professionals are not necessarily expected to know the technicalities of the occupational health and safety, but rather how and when to use existing resources to respond to employee concerns. The human resources management is tasked with several roles pertaining employee health and safety (Angie, 2006). Understanding the health and safety responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees in an organization is the first role of the human resource managers touching on employee safety and health. Elroy (2005) argues that each stakeholder in the running of an organization should be aware of what is expected of him or her in upholding safety and health requirements. The next role is implementing manpower management policies to ensure that everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities. Establishing effective ways of meeting the safety and health responsibilities and fulfillment of health and safety responsibilities by employees are the other tasks that are demanded of the human resources department (Snell & Bohlander, 2013).
The workplace exposure hazards as per the article are cited as chemicals, excessive vibrations and noise, temperatures extremes, slippery floors and ergonomic hazards (equipment-related). In the event of an accident or injury in the workplace, employers are required to be proactive in ensuring that the personnel are secured from harm by first aid and provision of proper medical attention. For employers to avert such accidents, they should enact policies and carry out risk assessment in their work places to ascertain probable accidents and ways of avoiding them. Communication to employees is also crucial in order to foster a safe and healthy working environment (Angie, 2006). The compensation of employees’ formula should also be properly understood by all stakeholders in order to have efficient and quick-settlement of any issues that may arise due to accidents.
Conclusion and Utility
In recap, Elroy John’s article “Occupational Safety and Health at the Workplace (2005)” expounds on the definition, role of human resources and employers in the promotion of employees safety and health concerns at the workplace. The article points out the necessity of having proper communication on this issue with the employees or their representatives. The communication helps the employers to get feedback and use it for proper amendments to ensure they facilitate a safe working environment for their personnel. The policies on the employee safety and health are cited in the article are very essential for an employer who understands their moral, financial and legal implications.
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