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Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:24
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Article Review on Leadership in the Police
Article Review on Leadership in the Police
Effective performance of the police force depends on the quality of training they undergo. During this process, the recruits should be instructed in practical and other skills such as leadership qualities. They apply these skills in their careers; thus, improving their personal lives and performance of the entire police force in serving the society. In respect to this, the article ‘Leadership Training for Police Recruits Creating a Foundation for Professional Excellence’ analyzes leadership training (Barath & Sheriff, 2013).
The article explores the significance of introducing formal and informal leadership activities to the Basic Constable Training; this aims at promoting leadership training initiatives. With guidance from the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Police College instructors ensure they identify and prioritize emerging trends in police work. The authors highlight the importance of reinforcing the six principles listed in the Ontario Police Service Act. The introduction of a revised ethics program in January 2011 provides a foundation for aspects of trainings such as; field training, organizational awareness and leadership.
The article succeeds in showing the impact of leadership skills on police performance. It does this through empirical evidence on the study of over 150 leadership programs. It reveals that integrity of employers is the most appreciated quality by employees. It also shows the need for qualities like; humility, care, respect, fairness, and responsiveness in leaders. This is similar to what leaders expect from their employees. The acquisition of leadership skills by the police is applicable to homeland security. Police with these skills are able to perform their responsibilities with integrity to ensure safety in the society. The police set a good example emulated by society members.
The paper recognizes and incorporates aspects of modernization; the challenges and opportunities associated with the ‘new generation’ of police. It comprehensively touches on the theoretical and practical aspects of leadership. The practical aspect involves the elaboration of strategies used in the actual training experience whereas; theoretical aspect focuses on the applicable principles.
The sequential structure of the article makes reading it easy and interesting. It makes a clear introduction of the subject, followed by what it entails. It provides evidence and implementation strategies; self-sufficient. Through the incorporation of quotes and comments from relevant persons in the field of policing such as; Chief Davis and Susan Scott, it shows the depth in concept analysis.
The article clearly outlines the qualities associated with leadership skills. According to Dobby et al. (2004), qualities such as; ethical behavior, hard work, a positive attitude, honesty, and the ability to handle challenges are all required for effective leadership. The analysis of BCT programs occurs in detail. It shows how the program can be employed and options such as; distant learning, webcast, and blended learning opportunities.
The police force is one of the most significant institutions in the society. It works towards ensuring a safe and secure environment for the wellbeing of everyone. This occurs through adherence to the principle of maintenance of law and order. Police training thus requires instruction in leadership; this equips them in practical skills and acceptable societal values. Ensuring the training incorporates leadership skills boosts the quality of their performance.
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