Article Review On The Doritos Goat Commercial From The 2013 Super Bowl

Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:46
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The Doritos goat commercial from the 2013 super bowl was among the craziest commercials in the 2013 super bowl competition. It attracted many viewers and many were left cracking down with laughs and shouts since the commercial was a very funny one. The number of people who viewed it seemed to increase in a large number as days passed by. In the Doritos goat commercial, there is a man who decides to purchase a goat from the market. After he buys the goat, he brings it to his home.
The man decides to show love to the goat by giving it his Doritos. His intention was to share his love with the goat by introducing the goat to eating of the Doritos. Surprisingly, the goat eats all his Doritos without him noticing that the Doritos were decreasing in a very huge ratio. He notices that the goat was not ready to share with him and it kept on eating its Doritos only. After moments of thoughts, the guy decides to hide the Doritos so that the goat could not access them as it could have eaten all the Doritos. He intended to hide the Doritos so that the colossal snack stash could stay be used on later days.
After the guy hides the Doritos, the goat becomes very angry and furious. This makes the goat react to some point that it could have caused the grade to safety a nuisance. This looked very creepy as the man is in trouble of being safe after he had showed great love for the goat in the commercial. The series of events in the Doritos got commercial comes out in a humorous way and most viewers will be left laughing and en joying to watch the commercial many more times.
The contender in The Doritos goat commercial from the 2013 super bowl featured this goat that discovered it could not be fully satisfied of the taste of nacho cheese taste. The contender and his goat comes out clearly as two objects that were great fans of the Doritos despite the difference that one is a human being and the other a goat. In the process of eating the Doritos, there is a strike of tragedy and the good relationship and their love to the Doritos creates a gap between the contender and the goat in the commercial. The goat starts to chew in a loud voice and very fast and therefore eats excess of the Doritos. After hiding the Doritos, the goat discovered that the man was also planning to sell him because of the habit and tendency to eat more of the Doritos.
The Doritos had a taste of nacho cheese and this is what made them too sweet and attractive to many individuals. The advertisement comes to an end with a pretty gloomy note. It is ironical that the commercial brings to the surface detailed dangers that can arise due to excessive consumption of Doritos. The dangers include crippling addiction and the subsequent murder by the goat in the commercial advert. This contradicts with the joy, humor, happiness and sarcasm that was first observed when both the guy and the goat passed through at the earlier times.
The Doritos goat commercial from the 2013 super bowl was creative and in a beautiful context. The commercial increased curiosity in the way that it was produced since it captured the attention of many and made them very nervous. The commercial is produced in a perfect way as it is masterly conceptualized in a beautiful video and in the occurrence of events featured in the commercial. This made the commercial to win the public votes in the competition.
The “Goat 4 Sale” advert is a favorite to many and as it stands it has received more views compared to the other five adverts in the competition. The difference between the guy and the goat is that the goat was eating the Doritos continuously without pausing. The thing that the owner and the goat shared in common is that the both had great love for the Doritos. The great mistake that the guy did is to compete with the goat in eating the Doritos as this led to problems in a later time therefore making the commercial not to end in a style.
The man in the film appear to be of age of thirty and the advert has also played a good role in balancing the colors in the film so that the production appeared perfect and competitive to the rest of the advert. The owner of the goat adopts a similar behavior with the goat but his in considered more exaggerated. In a nutshell, the commercial has very memorable homage and it end captures an exclamation to its viewers. The film is produced in a style that easily markets itself due to the high levels of creativity applied in the advertisement.
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