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Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:15
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Bavaria is one the largest state in Germany with its capital at Munich. Bavaria forms one of the most interesting places to explore in Germany. Additionally, Bavaria has the largest population of individuals. On the other hand, people have shifted in order to find a place in Bavaria. However, due to the high population experienced in the region, there are many social problems which accrue. Moreover, the state is endowed with a lot of unique features, which lie, in the pleasing topographic environment of Germany.
Bavaria constitutes one of the major states in Germany with numerous developments and vibrant economic growth in Germany. It is considered to have a world high class technology around the globe. The state has good business environment and thus it encompasses an approximate of 1400 companies in Germany. Generally, Bavaria has become a major hub in the country where investors have developed a lot of interest in developing. On the other hand, as a result of the increased investors in the country; some of the business activities have thus become unproductive due to increased competition and inadequacy of the available resources in the region.
There are various reasons why the region of Bavaria is the most interesting and popular in Germany. Additionally, Bavaria embraces a lot of services to offer not only to the citizens but also to the foreign states’ investors and visitor. Some of the captivating features to observe in Bavaria are the beautiful scenery, historical sites, and nature spots among other. To begin with, Bavaria has the high class museum and the traditional architecture of the Germany. On the other hand, Oktoberfest is one of the Germany’s festivals. The festive attracts more than six million visitors every year. In addition, people in Bavaria are calm, loving and also renowned for their warm welcome in the region. According to their history, Bavarian’s respect other people’s culture and their beliefs. Therefore, Bavarian’s aspect of respect among various cultures earns them social esteem and trust from different visiting communities.
However, Bavaria has a remarkably strong culture ties especially with the people living in the rural areas. Apparently, Bavaria has one of the distinct and different cultures compared with the rest of the communities. Therefore, this aspect of strong ties to their cultures sometimes acts as a challenge to other individuals visiting the region. On the other hand, Bavaria is said to have the world’s largest and famous castle. The Neuschwabstein, which is located at the Bavaria Alps and appears to be straight from a fairy tale. Apart from this, Bavaria is endowed with great capacity in production of goods and services. Additionally, there is a lot of production industries located in Bavaria region.
Therefore, a lot of employment opportunities are present in the region as a result of the high number of industries in the area. However, the rate of unemployment has been increasing over the recent years. Consequently, it has led to a drop in output and in turn decline, in economic growth. In addition, Bavaria is known to have improved infrastructure facilities with excellent roads in the city. The roads have an interesting scenario as one drives along the romantic road, which is 261 mile-road. Additionally, Bavaria owns high class hotels and restaurants with well equipped facilities and accommodation services. However, this is not the case as one delves into the interior parts of the city. Roads are not well developed as compared to the state. Additionally, there are less attractive and development projects, which makes production of goods and services to very low compared to the state.
On the contrary, Bavaria State has experienced challenges in development of industries in some of the regions as a result of unfavorable landscape. In addition, infrastructure has also been significantly affected by the sloped topography in some cities, in Bavaria. On the other hand, the topography has influenced settlement of people in the area. However, despite the challenges caused by the rough topography, some activities such as biking and hiking are also common in areas like the Nature Park. Bavaria City has a lot of historical components. It is in Bavaria where the empirical castle is found. Moreover, the imperial castle embraces a lot of historical information about Germany. Therefore, most people across the world visit the region purposely to view the historic scenery of the state. At the same time, the city of Nuremberg, which is the second largest city in Bavaria, holds a country wide ceremony during its winter season, Christkindlmarkt. This festive ceremony is significant to the Bavarians and is thus celebrated around the city.
Bavaria has a scenic view of the black forest which is located in the east of the city. Generally, the forest was established as first Germany’s national park which makes it have a lot of speculations from foreigners. Therefore, it attracts individuals from foreign countries and thus earns the city great reputation. On the contrary, Bavaria experiences a lot of challenges in conservation of natural resources like wildlife and mineral resources. Basically, Bavaria is aimed at controlling and protecting natural resources in the state. However, Bavaria has been poor in the management of forest in the region. There has been encroachment of human population in the forest accompanied by natural catastrophes, which are a challenge to the improvement of the forests. Therefore, it is important to look after natural resources like the rain forest in order to preserve their heritage.
The state has a wider exploration and discovery areas away from the main town where the topography is most attractive and a calm environment. For instance, Allgaeu is one of the beautiful and interesting regions to visit in Bavaria. However, there is a lot of land which has not been put in to use. Additionally, there are wide areas of the region which have not been explored and thus create a vast underutilized land. Bavarian cities provide a lot of distinct and heritage features which attract people from different areas around the globe in the region in order to have a view of these special features about the city. It is also endowed with a rich historical background which is enriched with a lot of knowledge and historical features.
On the other hand, Bavaria offers world class social services like education facilities for students and uniquely positioned tourist attraction centers with equipped facilities to offer. Moreover, Bavaria has invested in the telecommunication sector and energy sectors which have a large impact on the Bavaria’s economy at large. Additionally, Bavaria offers strong connections in international markets and has a wide range of products and services produced in the state which argument the country’s revenue and further development in the country. Moreover, Bavaria promotes education and further encourages research through the establishment of a highly equipped research centers with current technological facilities.
Further, despite major global participants like BMW, EADS and Siemens, Bavaria has also a strong network of small and medium enterprises around the state with a wide range of companies. It is thus efficient and effective in economic production of commodities and services. Moreover, the state of Bavaria has attained international and national recognition for high technology exhibited in these companies. Information technology, energy and environmental technology are some of the sectors which have experienced a robust growth over the years. The service industry is at its highest level with industries like transport, insurance companies and banking industry providing the best services in the country. Tourism, on the other hand, contributes positively to the growth of the state due to the variety of scenery views and rich background and historical information. Additionally, Bavaria has offered a myriad of attractive social and natural resources which foreigners find it fascinating to visit and gain knowledge about its wide scope of cultural background.
In conclusion, Bavaria State has been one the economically stable states in Germany with various investment projects and sectors in the economy. Additionally, it is renowned for high development in all industries and sectors with high infrastructure and networking in the region. Therefore, Bavaria has managed to achieve more in political, economic and social perspectives. It is thus evident that Bavaria faces relatively fewer challenges in comparison with the advancement it has been able to make.
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