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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:39
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The movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’ is acted with a sense of human life. It demonstrates humanity and features what happens in the human society in depth.
Even without showing any overt signs of mental illness McMurphy the main character and his colleagues avoid hard labor and spend their sentence in a relaxed hospital environment playing sick. This exhibits the behavior of pretence. McMurphy exhibits leadership and responsibility skills by establishing himself as a leader in the hospital. Billy refuses to leave the hospital because he is unwell. This highlights how responsible he is over his health conditions. Washington protects the nurse when the McMurphy tries to kill her. McMurphy reproaches the nurse for threatening Billy; this highlights a sense of responsibility over his colleague’s life. The nurse is irresponsible by dashing at Billy threatening that she was to tell his mum about his affairs in the hospital leading to his death. Daringness is also another behavior observed in the movie. We see the patients voting in order to change the hospital policies and also by stealing the hospital bus to escape even with the uncertainty of their release date. Violence, destructiveness and carelessness behaviors are showcased when patients attend a Christmas party in which they break into the drug locker and cause rampage.
Why the main character requires or needs an assessment
Screening materials or instrument(s) used
- ASA PPC-2R. - It identifies consideration for intermediate risk assessment. It also recommends follow up procedures for main characters treatment and recovery progress and also determines the main characters appropriate placement and “level of care”.
- ASI and Global Appraisal of Individual Needs - It includes safety screening questions that are used to help determine the progress of treatment and medication on the main character.
- LOCUS - It is used to determine the main characters levels of care for disorders and addiction to aid in better treatment.
Counselors are fundamental screening materials used in substance abuse/addictions and mental health conditions; they use their counseling skills to determine the condition of the patient and what is warranted for the patient as well. Here the screening material used irritates the main character and that is why we see him dispute the nurse severally in the movie. This proves that the nurse does no portray professional skills to handle these patients. This later culminates to Billy’s death.
Why the main character requires an assessment
The main character requires assessment because it will aid in improved and more specialized treatment planning and also help in evaluating his health progress.
Assessment material used for substance abuse/addictions and mental health
A basic assessment consists of gathering important or key information and engaging with the patient to ensure the counselor understands the readiness for change of the patient, areas of problem, COD diagnosis, disability and strength. The assessment will typically involve a clinical examination of the well being of the patient and involves a number of tests, both written and oral exercises.
The assessment materials used
- Background- this is used to determine the main characters family, history of trauma, strength and resources, health to determine whether the disorder is hereditary.
- Substance use- This is used to determine the main characters use of substance abuse and the family history about substance use.
- Mental health – It is used to determine the main characters mental health problem and the family history about mental health problem.
Importance of assessment tools
These assessment tools are very important. They assist in the process of defining the nature of the patients’ problem and developing treatment recommendations for the problem.
A diagnosis using the DSM-IV-TR guidebook proves that the character is suffering from a Common Axis II disorders mental disorder.
The best ideal integrated plan for each of the featured patients in this movie may include an integrated case management team. The team can be based in the shelter or in the same mental health service set up. The team could employ a range of engagement, motivational and positive behavior change strategies aimed at developing a trusting relationship with the patients.
Forman, M. (Director). (1975). One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest [Motion Picture].
Palahniuk, C. (2007). Foreword of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. New York: Penguin Books.

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