Bretworth Corporation Business Plan Research Proposal Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:21:46
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Introduction – Introduction of the business plan
General Company Description - (physical size, size activities)
Products and Services – What the business will offer
Start-up Summary – Start up cost
Strategies/ Strategic Overview - Central purposes and activities of the planned business
Present Status/Goals - Achievements and performance (technical, financial, sales)
Marketing Strategies, Sales plans and Projects – Its marketing method
Management and Administration - Structure and Capitalization/the proposed management team
Financial Plan – Plans of all expenses
Break-even Analysis – The estimated time to start incurring profits
Future Products and Services – What it plans of doing in the future
Conclusion – Why the business will succeed and why it should be supported.
With a critical focus on its strengths, its esteemed customers and underlying values needed, Bretworth Corporation (BC) will increase its sales steadily while maintaining the gross margin on sales with a clear focus on working capital and cash management. It is a business plan that will plead the way and serve the community better. Bretworth aims at providing better services and products that clients need in their daily lives to make life easier and better.
General Company Description
Bretworth Corporation will trade and service digital office information systems for Brooklyn businesses. It will focus on the neighboring business community. It will be a private entity owned by stockholders who will be the Employee Stock Ownership Trust. There will be 30 employees. New employees however, will be given an opportunity after a suitable test period to become vested in the Employee Stock Ownership (Sant, 2012, p. 141).
Products and Services
BC will provide the entire community of Brooklyn with the best services and products that suit their needs. Bretworth will sell laptops, desktops, copiers, printers, facsimiles and other electronic gadgets. It will operate as part of the office equipment industry and will build that base to change the company into a value-added supplier of technologies and services of the current and the innovative information industry.
Start-up Summary
The Bretworth’s Start-up cost will be $500,000, which will include $250,000 for the acquisition of the Integrated Office Technology and Hilo operations. The remaining funds will be used for:
- Initial Capitalization: $100,000
- Initial Inventory: $100,000
- Legal, rent & Misc, Insurance: $50,000
It is after a comprehensive analysis of the needs of the people to access good and proper information technology services relevant in today’s world that the idea of this great company came up. Bretworth Corporation will seek to identify new technology by use of electronic computers as well as computer software to convert, transmit, store, protect and securely retrieve information. It will provide the business community with quality technical support and add value to its market segments (Fiore, 2005, p. 56).
Present Status/Goals
BC will build and manage strategic alliances with other business related partners. It will also adopt a customer and marketing paradigm by strategizing its management design. By consistently implementing and measuring fundamentals of a balanced scorecard, Bretworth will ensure profit margins are met and the economy stabilized as well.
Marketing Strategies, Sales plans and Projects
BC will sell and market its brand name business information distribution systems, technical service, hardware and support for its products. It will be a single-source provider of imaging services and products as well as business information. It will focus its sales and marketing efforts around digital services and products that are offered by Hewlett Packard and Canon USA. It will form alliances with other IT suppliers and manufacturers. Planning and implementing new strategies for the different segments will be an unending process and therefore the company will seek assistance and consult marketing specialists (Odu, 2009, p. 111).
Management and Administration
The proposed management team will comprise of a Managing Director, a Manager and thirty members of staff in different fields who will assist in the management of the company. Aside the named, there will also be a special team of workers who will assist in various forms to ensure that the company remains relevant in the corporate world.
Financial Plan
The financial plan will be based on another company’s past performance. There will projection of based on the income factored back in the revenue. Bretworth’s actual interests’ rates will possibly be lower than the estimated rate since it is structured as a corporation owned by the employees.
Break-even Analysis
For its break-even analysis, Bretworth will assume running cost that will include its full payroll, utilities, rent and an estimation of other running costs. The present value for Payroll is $50,000 per month which is inclusive of taxes and benefits. It will monitor its gross margins closely and maintain them as well by taking advantage of discounts and promotions offered by its manufacturers. The chart shows the amount that it needs to sell per month in order to break even according to the assumptions. This is about 78% of its projected sales for its first year.
Future Products and Services
Bretworth will research and explore new information technologies for its services and product offering. It has a vision of transitioning the from the appliance seller status to being a provider of technology and information management solutions. This will include:
- Tele-business and E-Commerce systems
- Wireless LAN systems
- Media transport and reproduction
- Information Management Systems
Bretworth aims at reaching very great heights in the corporate world by offering preeminent products and services that will meet the expectations of its customers. It will therefore focus on offering the best in the world of technology. Aimed at changing the world, BC will invest more in research in order to establish better strategies for providing better products and services. Aside Brooklyn, it also seeks to extend to other regions.
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