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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:15
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The use of people from diverse cultures and language background is an advantage for the company. This provides them with the capability of interacting with more clients that may not be conversant with the English language. This however poses a problem when it comes to the management team. This is because interacting with these workers can be quite cumbersome. To improve on the communication skills, the management can embark on employing at least one worker who can speak the native language and is still fluent at English. This worker can act as a call center employee and a go between for the management team with his fellow workers. Alternatively, there is software that can be employed that efficiently translates from one language to another. This will effectively break the language barrier that was created by this situation.
In decision-making, most of the time individuals find themselves using both the rational-economic model while at other times they make use of the administrative model. This is very much dependent on the upbringing of the individual and the previous experiences of that person. The first method is however, the most effective as one can make more clear decisions based of foreseeable facts. That way you do not move into a situation blindly. For example, in the case one is deciding whether to attend a party, the individual can weigh the options based on his or her position currently and see whether it affects him positively or negatively. With that in mind, the individual will make a decision that is based on facts and not feelings.
The situation representing the class members who are expected to contribute to a class project but are graded individually, the trust is deterrent. This is because their individual grading is dependent on them contributing so that they can obtain their individual marks. If they do not contribute to the project work, they will not get their individual grading.
In the case of a team that has worked together for close to three years, the trust knowledge based. This is because for three years the team members have been able to work together and can comfortably predict what the other members will do in any situation that will depend on them.
In the case an individual provides their credit card details to a company, this is identification form of trust. This is because the individual identifies what the pizza company wishes to do with that information and he/she knows that he will get the pizza in a specified time on completion of the transaction.
Barack Obama is an individual at a position of power. He has both positional and personal power. This is mainly because he draws his power form the United States constitution as well as his own personal nature when it comes to leading the United States of America. His bases of power are is personal power as well as the power that he has been given by the American citizens to run the country. Both this bases of power are independent of each other. My power is based on personal power. Based on personal power there are two bases where I derive my power. These are knowledge and persuasion. Knowledge relates to what I know how to do while persuasion relates to being able to persuade others about what I know. 5
The leadership style that has been embraced by the president of the company can only be effective in an authoritarian or autocratic business set up. This is mainly because in this leadership method the owner of the business is responsible for telling the employees what he wants and how he wants it done. Therefore, the president’s leadership style would be more appropriate in such a setting. The president needs to stop being controlling. He should introduce a democratic form of leadership at the company. . He should also stop bossing people around in the workplace and allow them to make their own decisions. This implies that he should involve other employees in the decision making process at his organization. He could develop these behaviors by enhancing teamwork and cooperation at the company. Teamwork will help the teamwork together towards achieving the organizations goals
The component of creativity that is missing from the company is risk taking, expertise and motivation. Employees at the company lack these three important aspects. From the information provided it is evident that the employees at the company seem not to care about doing anything. This implies that they lack the ability to take risks as well as motivation. In order to be creative the employees need to be motivated to take risks and come up with new designs for the product that the company sells. This can be achieved by providing a financial incentive to employees who come up with the best designs. This would help improve the risk taking nature of the employees since they have a financial incentive that attracts them towards developing new products. The work environment should encourage employees to come up with ideas. The challenges would be finances and organization. The organization needs to avail money to motivate employees as well as organize employees in order to ensure that the designs they are working on are feasible.
The information from the video presents the concept that it pays to be persistent at what one does. From the video, it is evident that Martin Luther King fought for what he believed was right. He organized like-minded people and led them through an unknown path. He was a risk taker who was willing to do anything to achieve whatever goals he had set out. The same can be applied in business. It would be pertinent for business leaders to adopt the same character trait of not giving up even when the odds are stacked against achieving the goals of the business.
Bellingham, R. (2003). Ethical leadership: Rebuilding trust in corporations. Amherst, Mass: HRD Press.

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