Business Plan On Industry Overview

Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:15
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Executive summary & Business model canvas of ABC Energon Company
Business description
The company boasts itself of having the best corporate managers in the country who have successfully geared many reputable companies to the level they are today. The CEO is the former director the National Environmental conservation body and brings with him high level of expertise in this company.
Goals and Objectives
Push for legislations to limit the use of non-renewable energy sources while promoting the use of renewable energy sources.
We have already partnered with the government and National Environmental conservation Authority. We are seeking to partner with the United Nations Environmental conservation Agency as we seek to expand our business internationally.
The company will have a higher clientele of customers who will mainly be the manufacturing, production firms, government agencies and individual consumers. The company is the only one of this kind in the market hence it will be the sole provider of renewable energy solutions
The company does not have competitors as at current but it will face challenges in trying to outdo the number of companies that provide renewable energy solutions.
Revenues and resources
The company is expecting to break-even within two to three years when it will be able to generate enough profits to cover up its operation. The company has applied for patents and it is expecting to be granted the patent to manufacture and supply heavy duty solar panels only.
Critical Success Factors
- Involvement of government to take advantage of incentives of a green business. The government has set up incentives to encourage green businesses. It will be crucial that government be involved to fully take advantage of these incentives.
- Effective marketing for the better part of the first financial year.
- Proximity and availability of raw materials.
This venture will go a long way in solving the current energy problems facing the country and the world. The company will focus on factories and plants since they are one of the largest consumers of energy and the biggest emitters of Green House Gases.
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