Business Plan On Tatami Restaurant In Kuwait

Published: 2021-06-22 00:01:59
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Tatami restaurant emerges to be the most emergent sushi hotspot in Kuwait. Its location is at Shaymaa Tower in the centre district town of downtown Kuwait on Omar Bin Khattab Street in Sharq. Despite that it was opened recently, Tatami Japanese restaurant has already become very famous among the people in this town. Tatami restaurant also recommends reservations in the evening.
The Tatami restaurant design concept is a derivation from art of Japanese tatami mats integration planning method and also the city’s industrial ambiance. In this restaurant, the seating areas, lighting distribution, wall cladding and circulation have adhered to the ratio of 2:1 guiding principle. This was a design by a well-known architect-Jassim Alshebab. Even though the entrance pretty non-descript like a typical Japanese restaurant, it is actually dull in the interior. The most amazing thing is about the contemporary décor which is a magnificent mix of trendy and industrial chic. Its walls are auburn coloured. The seats are also awesome that they give a very comfortable feeling. There is a highlight of copper pipes at the side seating and the sushi bar which is very sleek.
There is a mixture of textures and materials that were aimed to be harmonic and subtle so as to make an emphasis and contrast on the copper pipes whose design was intended for light distribution and also to highlight the side seating and sushi bar hence fusing an industrial vibe in the space just to add to the preserved concrete ceiling portions and columns that were left untreated.
Exteriorly, the restaurant’s design was to feature the restaurant’s interior colour palette and visually distinguish the restaurant’s elevation and the building’s entrance.
The attendants at the restaurants are always ready to receive their customers without much delay. As you make your choice of food, there is always background music that usually plays. Their menu offers a series of appetizers, maki rolls. Sashimi and sushi besides the standard soups, noodles salads and rice options. Delicacies like sashimi, sushi and tempura are imaginatively delivered along with excellent quality fish. The menu is so enticing that it beckons one with a temptation to come back again. For those people who are in search for a trendy and hip atmosphere, then Tatami Japanese restaurant proves to be best option. This is because Tatami offers Japanese food with a twist hence proving to be the right place for its casual chic yummy food. When comparing Tatami with other Japanese restaurants, it proves to be quite different because it always makes attempts to be different. This is evident in its menus. People say that Tatami’s food is always fresh and the staff are very attentive. In addition to that, there is always great vegetarian options and a magnificent wagyu steak for one who is not in the mood for sushi. The chef is really concerned with every detail and this is remarkable considering that her knowledge on food is also very astonishing. Apart from being so welcoming, courteous and skilled, the chef also helps people with their choices when they seem to be torn between the choices. Their food is also not that spicy and there meat is very tender and not that oniony.
Many people who visit Tatami restaurant usually regret not knowing it earlier. This is because it is a very friendly and quiet place that is located on the quieter part of the city. Actually, you may not notice its presence unless you know that it exists. Despite the service being good and the staff being courteous, the feeling is also cosy.
This restaurant is ideal for those people who want to bring along their friends or the special someone. This Is due to the upscale and trendy ambiance. Most people who have visited this restaurant have rated it between bombastic and not. This is because one feels relaxed with the great atmosphere owing to the above average service and the stunning interior design.
However, there are some downsides associated with Tatami restaurant. Some customers complained about the food being cold. Others complained about the meat not being well marinated. Tatami restaurant is also not that famous. Due to this, it has been very infamous among those people who are new to Kuwait. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that proper marketing is practised. There have been scanty customer complaints about the food served in tatami having a below average taste. These customer owe their impressiveness to the furniture and surrounding rather than the surrounding.
Despite all these reviews, it is evident that Tatami restaurant is a spot sought for by many people who ever visit Kuwait. The outstanding upscale ambiance has placed it far above many other Japanese restaurants. However, customer reviews whether positive or negative ought to be taken serious for the improvement of their service, furniture, surrounding, food and the overall marketing of the restaurant.
Many customers who have visited Tatami restaurant have always commended the service and the ambiance. Therefore, this should be kept up. The fact that Tatami is located at the quieter part of Kuwait is also another advantage.
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