Can You Encourage Pro-Social Behavior Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:07
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Design a way to increase a person's exercise habits using a door-in-the-face strategy.

The exercise habit that I have chosen to study and develop is running by a person who is not a professional athlete. The specimen of my study has an exercise habit of running two kilometers every morning and evening.
First, since the specimen of my study has a habit of taking short distances in his daily exercise, I will first ask him to consider taking forty kilometers in his daily practice. This would be too much for the specimen (Coon & Mitterer 2008). Therefore, the second and the final phase of this, strategy is asking the person to take fifteen kilometers with me every day during his training, this would present an easier option for him and most probably, he will be willing to take this option.

In measuring the effectiveness of this strategy, I would be ensuring this person wakes up every morning and goes through the kilometers as we had agreed on the lighter request of the fifteen. I would also ensure this person does the same kilometers every evening in his practices.

Get people to reduce their water consumption using a list technique?

This technique involves getting people to comply by showing them a list of other people who have complied with request that is put before them. People would be willing to comply to such requests if the number of people who previously complied with the request is considerably high. In this I would gather information on previous studies on consumption of water reduction strategies that have been conducted and complied by various researchers and use it to persuade my audience using the findings of these researches on the advantages of reducing their water consumption.
I would present the findings showing high rates of compliance. This would persuade them that the idea is a good one and they would eventually take it up. I would ensure that the audience complies with the suggestions that I put before them as they had consented.

Create a way to get more people to volunteer time at a soup kitchen by using a four-wall technique.

This technique is where people are surrounded with their beliefs, values and/or cultures and offering them the opportunity to remain true to these values and beliefs (Timothy & Green 2005). For increasing the number of people to volunteer in the soup kitchen, I would first start with awareness creation on the benefits of volunteer work to the community. The other thing that I would do is to ensure that I make the people understand that the soup kitchen supplies them with foodstuffs that are beneficial to their health. The final stage of implementing this strategy to getting more people volunteer at the soup kitchen is by promising the volunteers that they would receive free lunches and other benefits like take away packed food when they leave a means of appreciation. More people would be willing to volunteer in the kitchen if they are sure the kitchen upholds their beliefs and that a small token of appreciation is given to the volunteers.

Get people to start recycling by using a legitimization of paltry-favors strategy

In this strategy, it is important to make a small amount of aid acceptable (Baumeister & Brad 2011). I trying to get people start recycling by implementing this strategy; this strategy upholds the notion that people are always willingly to provide their help even if the help they can give is limited. This strategy would help in getting people to start recycling by telling them that even a little help would be sufficient. Therefore, they will be willing to cooperate in recycling since they will only spare a little of their time in this exercise.


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