Case Study On New Belgium Brewery

Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:04
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Question 1
Ethics is a code of conduct that defines the worth of an action in relation to organizational behavior or society's perception at large. The New Belgium Brewery as an organization that portrays a huge concern on the code of business activities towards its customers and society. This is through the production of quality products that satisfy the standards and regulations set, as well as the customer’s satisfaction. The environmental concern is another important element shown by the organization in relation to the society welfare gain. If social responsibility action is not taken by the organization, then social externalities are experienced in the society at large. Through taking of corrective actions towards environmental concern, the organization is concerned with the society welfare. On the other hand, caring about the welfare of the employees is another recommendable trait portrayed by the brewery in relation with its workers.
Question 2
Social responsibility role is a non profit making activity but a cost incurring activity. The setting of conservative strategies is a costly activity that doesn’t have a direct return to the company. Since most organizations goal is to maximize their profit, which is done through cost reduction or revenue increment, then the activity losses interest to most businesses or organizations. The organizations are cost sensitive thus always tries to reduce chances of incurring costs. However, in the long run, the activity is beneficial to the organization.
Question 3
Yes. As in the case for New Belgium Brewery, the sustainability of an organization shows a continuous supply of the product in the foreseeable future. It is a nature of human being to have a preference over a certain product and mostly concerned with the duration the product will be supplied. Sustainability shows that the product is of quality and effectiveness in the market. This is an indication of availability of the product in the near future.
Question 4
Customers make the key marketing element in any organization. Their concerns and demands need to be met in all dimensions. However, environmental sustainability plays another role that the organization needs to pursue. The change of the product packaging from bottles to cans is an environmentally friendly activity, as well as a cost effective activity. The process may lead to loss of customers but to safeguard this, a massive advertisement on the reason for the decision should be done. This is to remove the perceive product differentiation which results from information asymmetry. Creating customer awareness on the nature of the product helps to remove the information gap from the customer. The customers should be made aware that the product has not changed but only the packaging.
Question 5
Yes. The core values are sustainable in the future as they are concerned with the product, organization and customer relationship. This is in terms of production of quality products that meet the customers tastes and preferences, as well as meeting the organizational needs. The working condition of the organization also plays an important function in the sustainability of the organization. However, due to advancing world with an increasing competitive level, the organization should improve some of the core values to meet the market competition. These are such as designing differentiation strategies to win their customers confidence.
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