Case Study On Process Innovation Centre

Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:46
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As part of QUT’s plan of establishing a $230-million Science and Engineering Centre at the center of the CBD Gardens Point Campus, a Process Innovation Centre will also be established. This will be in alignment with the faculty’s vision, which is to influence the future environments of BUI through the innovation provided to businesses and communities and through advancements in the fields of science and engineering.
Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities are especially important in the governance of an organization or an organizational initiative as they provide guidance on who the members of the organization or the team should report to; what the expectations are for each of the roles; and what level of authority is required for making decisions (Rowan, 2012).
For the Process Innovation Centre, the roles would include the executive team, the process owner, the process owner panel, the steering team, the implementation steering team, the project manager, the design team, the design team leader, the implementation team, the process management team, the functional managers, and the facilitator (“Tool,” n.d.).
In particular, the executive team is responsible for establishing the goals for the initiative, approving the members of the various teams, providing the needed resources, authorizing actions, and others. On the other hand, the process owner initiates, champions, and supports the initiative and monitors its implementation while the process owner panel is responsible for developing consolidated process plans and budgets from the strategy. The steering team is responsible for developing the project goals, boundaries, and roles while the implementation steering team ensures the successful implementation of the project. The project manager is responsible for coordinating the implementation effort while the design team is responsible for conducting a process analysis and designing improvements and measures. The design team is led by the design team leader who is responsible for communicating with the process owner and the facilitator. The implementation team is responsible for carrying out the implementation tasks while the process management team is responsible for developing, communicating, and overseeing the implementation of process plans. Finally, the functional managers are responsible for establishing the function goals that will support the process while the facilitator is responsible for providing the necessary training on the new process.
Rowan, C. (2012, September 3). Achieve success by effectively defining roles, responsibility,
and authority. Retrieved from
Tool—Process improvement and management roles and responsibilities. Retrieved from

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