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Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:35
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Sampling is an essential element to the Research groups since it assist in the provision of a variety of statistical data or information whose nature is quantitative or rather qualitative concerning a broader coverage or pollution by select a specific unit for examination. This is general away by which an inference is created to represent the whole through examining a unit. It tests some given data or information basing it a small sample. 1. How would you describe this sampling methodology?
This is kind of sampling methodology is a true reflection of the entire population. It is construction by taking into consideration such factors as the entire population and selected a sample. Sample is referred to as a specific portion of the entire population or rather a subset that is selected to highlight the truth of the whole population under study. Sampling method are categorized into two that is, probability sampling whereby its’ samples are selected ensuring that all elements has a nonzero for the outcome on the section. Whereas non-probability sampling is one that selected elements are done nonrandom. Probability consists of systematic samples, stratified samples, random sample and cluster samples.
For an efficient and effective sampling method, one has to consider the following element during planning time; one has to identity a place and population of study depending on what he or she prefers best. The next suitable step is that he or she has to come up the suitable method of collecting data. This would thus call for one to define the sample frame, which in other terms is known as the list that contains the potential characters for the research. The researcher has to select the recommended sampling method and after determining a sample size, he or she should come up with an operational plan that would suits the purpose. 2. What problems do you see arising from this technique?
This technique is face with challenge high cost incurred during its development and implementation. That is between the two available types of sampling, profitability is expensive and time consuming while designing and executing it. The other challenge is the sample at certain instance does not give true representation thus misrepresentation of information. In other occasion the errors of sample can be term as challenge since the research would not be in a good position to making conclusion on wrong data collected. In most cases errors cause by the process of sampling are high especially to small administrative coverage and it is not feasible when it comes to matters that demands for a very high degree of accuracy. The sampling method s is used in statistics to gather information and analyze the information both qualitative and quantitative. This can be achieved when the method used follows a scientific method in the analyzing of information given. For instance taking the data that would lead to the provision of flawless information and the essence of providing for the estimates.
3. Suggest an alternative sampling method that might give the national internet service producers Association a better picture of the information it desire.
In order to have a more detailed and reliable source and be able to analyze the data for instance the national service providers association, for them to achieve the desired information. The group should adopt a convenient and a reliable method of sampling to cover the important aspects and questions of the research. For example in accessing information about the ISP and its use, the client’s behaviors are noted. The information will help the marketing strategies or adopt the new marketing strategies that would be recommended by the researchers.
The method that the researchers should adopt actually is a probabilistic method that would have minimal sampling error when the data was collected. In addition, the quality data concerning the reactions of the clients, the choice of one assignment over the other is determined. The national internet service providers association needs to adopt the stratified sampling method; this is because the method is a bit more accurate information given to the customer care. It is basically adventurous type of sampling and trails down the person giving the information since a stratum or a subpopulation is taken at random with no biasness to represent the entire population.
Firstly the information is grouped in two homogeneous groups before doing any sampling. The stratum is used and show that each event is exclusively mutual, other methods of sampling are employed for example simple sampling, or the systematic sampling. This helps in providing a weighted mean and devoid of sampling error. For example in finding the information the sub groups could be 40 women and 60 male. Often the end results in the determining the factors are considered on the feedback gathered. Interview the subgroups and ask them of their feelings and options on the product of ISP also the sample can give their feedback concerning their interest of the product. The feedback collected from the subgroups is collected and analyzed to fill in the questions and data for the company o strategize on its marketing, promotion among other reasons.
In conclusion the most desirable method is the one which is devoid of sampling errors, and give detailed information the stratified sampling which utilizes other methods of sampling as well. The methodologies desirable are actually the probabilistic methods.

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