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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:42
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Functional requirements describe what the system should do or the kind of the services it should be offering to the users. These include the required functions within the system, the outlines of the major associated reports within the system, the detailed queries and also the detailed data information of the system. This is a powerful tool that shows the relationships between the entities and explains the components of the system and gives the clear importance of each component.
Exotic cars are the most expensive cars that are literally owned by very few people across the world. They range from size to size with different models. They are the fastest cars one can imagine of in the current world of exploration. They do multitask in the way they operate. They can perform variety of functions that ranges from transport, car racing and also the case of the aesthetic value.
The company Exotic Cars Inc is deals with various sources that supply the company with the cars. Some of them are shipped directly from the factories; another important part of the supply comes from the private collectors and lastly they also get cars that are traded by the Exotic Cars Inc themselves. Exotic cars are very expensive and very limited in terms of ownership. They have variety of functions in relation to their operations.
Use Case of the Exotic Cars Inc
The company has various departments involved in the management of the affairs. At the top we have the company itself. Beneath it is the patron of the company which the company body opted to maintain as part of the governing structure. Within the structure of the company still, we have the maintenance department of the company which ensures that any repair needed within the company is done at the correct time and necessary changes made where possible. These ensure that the services rendered by the company are up to date and all that are offered to the clients are the correct services that portray the company in the correct way.
Another vital department within the company is that of the Finance and data maintenance that ensure that financial records are up to date and correct according to the entry during the purchase or when the car was sold to any client. More importantly, the department ensures that there is correct database and well updated. This will enable easy method of retrieving the information when needed. This data to be kept are to range from that of the manufacturers, dealers, manufacturers and other vital sources that provide the company with the necessary services which will the company.
In every organization, the presence of the employees is always very vital in the running the affair of the company. Employees normally provide the vital services the company and ensure that they deliver the right services to the company. Besides this other group of the departments, there are some other vital ones which are the main contributors in the field of distribution and the selling and buying of the goods from the group. The company has got some other branches that ensure there is constant flow of cars within the company and the best qualities are brought to the market for the client. These in turn ensure that the picture of the company is kept to the best level.
Each and every regional manager is entitled to the governing authorities within his or her region of governance. They are entitled to make some financial decision up to some levels. For instance, the manager is allowed to make a financial decision up to $10,000.00, of which if it goes beyond the limit; he or she will have to handle over the mantle of making decision to the general manager of the region. If still the amount exceeds the required limit, it is sent to the headquarters of the company who will further make the decision concerning the company.
In conclusion, the exotic cars are very important since they offer the useful assistance in terms of transfer to the client across the world and also more importantly, the company offer employment opportunities to the people around the world. These types of cars seem to be expensive in the real sense as compared to the other types. Those managing them are few and the one using them across the world is relatively low as compared to the normal cars. This shows that they seem to be more expensive and it requires time for maintenance. At some points it is believed that their shape could be enticing in away, but maybe this has not been the case with many.
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