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Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:01
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- Evaluate whether Michael Ashley and City Shareholders might have different aims for the company.
It is evidence that Mike Ashley and City Shareholders have different aimed for Sports Direct International. Firstly, Ashley has hopes that even if the company shares have fallen because of the World Cup to 80%, they will eventually rise ten times within three years. On the centrally, City Shareholders have no hope for the company since its share price reduced to a half within five months. This according to them is an indication that Sports Direct International is on a downward trend. On the other hand, Ashley was much concerned with the rise of the company because he had invested most of his capital on the business. According to Ashley, City Shareholders only concentrated on businesses that traded high in the share market. Ashley could not let go the company that he had build for 25 years only to drop because of June World Cup. His aim for the company was different from that of City Shareholders because he knew the company would trade high after the World Cup duration.
- Discuss what might be included in a vision statement for Sports Direct International
Michael Ashley was overwhelmed by a vision to succeed. Sport Direct Vision was to expand its operations to Europe and take 100% of brands in the region. Sports Direct International vision should include also expanding its businesses to Brazil by the end of year 2013. Brazil is scheduled to hold the 2014 FIFA World Cup hence, by expanding its operations in the area; the company stands better chance of selling more brands and winning the competitive advantage. In addition, through effective strategies, Ashley could have a better chance of demonstrating his company has the potential to increase its share prices during World Cup period.

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