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Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:13
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The White Night is an art festival, where public and private art galleries, museums and other cultural institutions open their doors to the public at no charge, this event is usually an all-night affair. The center of the city hosting the event is usually transformed into a de facto art gallery, where spaces are availed for art installations, themed social jamborees, performances from the different arts (performance art, film, music and dance) and many social activities. The event is usually held during the season of the midnight sun, during the summer solstice when the nights are shorter in high latitude areas. The event is an international event and it takes place in various places across the world.
Is this event an original idea or where did it originate?
The White Nights Arts Festival is not an original idea as the concept for the event originated from Jean Blaise, the founder of The Research Center for Cultural Development, in Nantes, France. Jean Blaise came up with this concept in 1984. Back then, it was known as Night of the Arts, and the very first was held in the Helsinki Festival in 1989. Over the years to follow, the event was held in different cities, namely;
- Barcelona, 15-20th October, 1990
- St. Petersburg, 14-19th October, 1991
- Buenos Aires, 19-24th October, 1992
- Naples, 18-23rd October, 1993
- Cairo, 17-22nd October, 1994
- Havana, 16-21st October 1995
In 1993, St. Petersburg started incorporating a cultural facet into the event, which included the Scarlet Sails Celebration and street carnivals. This is when the White Night Festivals became synonymous with the city of St. Petersburg. Melbourne was hosting this event for the first time.
What is the unique proposition that this event offers over others scheduled at this time?
Compared to similar cultural events held at around the same time, Melbourne’s White Night Art Festival offers a completely different and unique proposition all together. The one week long event avails the opportunity for tourists to get a complete Melbourne experience. The federation Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Acmi and the Forum Theatre all form a formidable spectacle compared to the other events held at around the same time. The flinders station was transformed into a proscenium arched stage for a breathtaking concert that featured the deluxe of Victoria’s finest musicians and bands. This is a spectacular music event with the streetlights switched off and the sun creating a breathtaking background, double rainbows unfold at precisely 15 minutes to midnight, and the sky is bathed in ivory light, with the best music playing on stage. It makes for an exceptional music experience. From the amazing art collections, breathtaking spectacle of musical genius, the amazing scenery and the delegation of tourists from all over the world.
Was the event a success or failure?
The event has generated a great deal of buzz in Melbourne. Especially during the summer solstice, when nights are shorter, the event pumps life into the city. The event has converted the city of Melbourne into a hub of a cross-cultural mix during the event. The event has created a platform for amazing works of art to be showcased. The concoction of different musical styles that have been incorporated into the event, coupled with the different form of arts have guaranteed the success of the event for years running.. Most people never thought of Melbourne as the ultimate hub for music, this event surpassed the expectations of many as it hosted it for the first time.
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