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Published: 2021-06-21 23:57:17
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First cell phone appeared in 1973, since then it changed the world of communication dramatically. Mobile phone is a device which at first was created for the purpose of making calls whenever you want and wherever you are, almost without being connected by wires. Technology progress took the original idea of just making phone calls far away from that.
It is hard to believe that nowadays a smart phone can simply combine a lot of inseparable things of our daily life into small, user friendly appliance such as camera, device for surfing web, GPS navigator, radio, MP3 player, gaming station, movie player, TV, Magazines/Newspapers (with the help of special apps), Books and many others.
There are many companies that manufacture this amazing piece of electronics. The most influential ones are: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, with their top products: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4; Nokia Lumia 928.
Although the smartphones make our lives easier, help us to keep in touch with people even all over the world, there is negative influence also. First of all, the way of passive communication (via texting, facebook, etc) made many people, especially teenagers, dependent. Some of them prefer this way of intercourse over the normal one, start abusing using cell phones. It can reflect negatively on the individual’s health as well, mostly sight.
Furthermore, there is a group of scientists which claim that continuous use of phones could possibly lead to Cancer, because of electromagnetic radiation, evolved by mobile phones.
Overall, mobile phones have made an important contribution, in simplifying our regular life, they don’t let you sleep in in the morning, will remind you of everything important you need to do today, will bring you closer with your beloved ones, they have become our personal assistants, companions for life.

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