Censorship In North Korea Case Study Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:14:11
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The issue of censorship ion North Korea is a concern not only in the world but also in other parts of the world. Other nations have taken a stand in the issue and seek to have measures that can help in making the freedom of information to be exercised in the country. As Notepad (2012) observes, the freedom of the internet should be for everyone. As such, there is no way that some people should be denied from getting the information which they should rightfully have.
However, when the nations such as North Korea put such strict measures, other nations are forced to intervene. This is the case that applied when the US tried to control the issue in North Korea. This happened through the restriction of the USA based internet programs where North Korea was among the countries that were locked out, alongside Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan (Notepad, 2012).
Looking at the above situation, it can be seen that the censorship in North Korea has attracted quite a lot of attention from other nations. The problem is that as the countries try to control the situation in North Korea, they end up interfering with the internet freedom for the citizens in the country. This is as seen through the SOPA and EAR concerns. SOPA censorship can only affect the internet freedom for the citizens in the US, while EAR censorship affects the citizens in the five countries mentioned above. If only these countries, including North Korea, lessened their stand on the censorship issue, it is highly likely that the US would not extend this regulation to their citizens. In other words, it would not interfere with the internet freedom for these countries. Therefore, it can be argued that the censorship in North Korea not only affects the citizens within the country, but also those without. This issue needs to be looked at with more interest.
Notepad Plus. (2012). SOPA Stalled, USA Internet Censorship Continues. Retrieved on 26th Nov. 2012 from

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