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Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:54
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A friend, an ideal, a hero
Back when I was a kid, like most of the kids I know, I dreamed of being Superman, or his buddy in actions. It turned out that I was not Superman, or his pal, but Mike Towry, Co – Founder of Comic Con International and this experience has been pretty exciting for me so far and I have the hope that it has been a fun experience for you also, as devoted readers of Comic Con. I would like to thank you all for coming here today for honoring the statue dedicated to Superman, this famous and very appreciated character who is a leading figure in the comics world.
Thesis Statement
Superman may be a fictional character, but for me and for many children from then and now and maybe from tomorrow, he represents more than this, as it teaches children all over the world about values such as rightness, protecting the innocents and fighting for the true, justice or citizenship.
I want to relate to you how I met Superman and what was the immediate impact that he had upon me. Then I want to tell you how Superman moved out of the fiction world into the real life for determining me to stand up for what I believed in and for what I valued. Finally, I want to let you guys know why this ceremony was needed and I can only wish for you to feel the same.
Transition from introduction
Now, as I was saying earlier, as a kid I wanted to be Superman or his pal, and I was dreaming of flying next to him and doing heroic deeds for which everybody would praise and admire us and while fighting felons or corrupt politicians we would have all kind of admirers, female admirers, who would offer to care for our wounds, only that we would have no wounds, but we would have offered our unconditioned companion anyway. Maybe some of you guys shared this dreams. Or who knows maybe still have them
Main first idea
As most of you, I met Superman while I was very young and that Christian Bale just charmed me and I was shocked to observe how well the character expressed my inner fantasies in terms of fighting for the truth and protecting the weak ones. Only that I was always very afraid to actually fight for something so I transposed my heroic ideas in a fantasy world, where me and Superman were going to school together and then we would put our superhero suits and go saving the world. I have become a passionate fan of Superman and of superhero characters, starting reading comic books and related materials, collecting every piece of information about him from newspapers, magazines, comic books, watching all the existent movies, cartoons or later playing related video games.
Transition into the second main idea
This silent passion turned into an awareness that I could be Superman in my own way and I will explain you how this happened.
Expansion of the second idea
Although I was not far from being a geeky student I had several friends, but I was most of the time daydreaming about what I told you about the flights, world saving and everything. However, I was afraid of fighting and could not find the resources to stand out for myself. But when this 12 or something years old girl was circled and pushed around by several recognized bullies from my school, I was no longer afraid. Yes, I, the geeky fellow actually stood up for somebody. I threw a rock at the bullies and when they all turned to see who threw that rock I ran like hell. Oh, you should have seen me running from these four macho teenagers who were chasing me letting the girl go. For me it was like flying next to Superman. Boy, was I happy! Of course I was afraid again. Of many things. But one thing that Superman instilled to me was the courage to fight against my own fear.
Transition into the third main idea
And now I want to tell you about why a Superman statue was needed.
Expansion of the third main idea
Why do you think? Hm? Is it for remembering men all around the world to fight for what they believe in? Is it as a symbol of courage? Is it the transcendence from youth to adulthood by honoring what inspired and contributed in a way or another to men’s formation as adults? Yes to all. Superman is a legend but in the same time he was our friend, our ideal, our hero. Let him be all these for the nowadays boys and girls, and for the generations to come!
Transition into the conclusion
This statue, and with this I am almost done, is meant to honor a man who inspired us and who will inspire others, the Superman.
Summary and reveal the statue
As I now reached the end of my eulogy, my friends, I want to restate that Superman exists through kids, who just like me or you, dreaming about flying close to Superman and saving the world; he is there to make us do crazy things like throwing rocks in order to protect others; and he is more than a legend, is a symbol of righteousness, of courage, is a friend, an ideal and yes, a hero and this is why we are here to reveal his statue.

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