Corporate Environmental Responsibility Article Review

Published: 2021-06-22 00:00:24
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Dernbach (2002) defines corporate environmental responsibility as the commitments of individual firms to efficiently manage and control the damage inflicted upon the natural environment by its processes, products and business molds. Consequently, the foundation of corporate environmentalism is sometimes associated to autonomous environmental groups. Over the years, this concept has become applicable in most companies and organizations. It follows that companies have come out to openly declare their commitment to manage the environment in a sustainable manner. Notably, such intents are usually posted in the company’s website. It is however disturbing that some of these companies are still rated as the topmost environmental polluters, despite their website statements concerning sustainable environmental management. This leaves a question to be answered; whether companies are truthfully dedicated to sustainable environmental practices or their claims are mere propaganda.
An in-depth analysis of the intent of companies in corporate environmental responsibility indicates that most of these companies do not have a genuine motive in the agenda. Salter (1992) asserts that companies dedicate themselves to corporate environmental responsibility for profit motives. In present day, there is a mounting awareness on the part of consumers on the need for companies to practice environmental sustainability. As a result therefore, companies are tempted to declare their good motives in corporate environmental responsibility in quest that they can attract more consumers. This has further brought some dissatisfaction on the part of consumers as well as other players, on the relationship between the commitment of companies and the real practice of environmentally sustainable measures. Quaddus and Siddique (2011) also suggest that there is related legal and regulatory pressure on these companies to show that they are involved in corporate environmental responsibility. Consequently, some of the companies only show commitment in the concept in order to suggest that they abide by such regulations and various environmental acts. Conversely, these companies may not be any close to practicing environmental sustainability.
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