Corporate Social Responsibility Argumentative Essay Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:26
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Question one
As indicated in the film, Corporation is the dominant modern institution. There are several factors that people may try to employ in the challenge for this conclusion. However, there are also elements of a corporation that may not be ignored in the current world. As an institution a corporation, is defined on different and specific principles.
A corporation is a form of business defined by traits such as a limited liability for its owners. This form of business entities are concrete on the laws the bind them. In the modern world, law has become extremely critical. Corporations are defined upon law since they are registered through states or national governments. Since corporations are allowed to operate globally a large number of investors have adopted this form of business where they are supposed to register their corporations based on the law in a country or state they would like to operate.
Corporations are uniquely defined since each of them should hold a unique naming which should not exist as another corporation’s name. This defines the uniqueness that modern society is seeking for business representative institutions. In the modern world, business people are seeking for independence which has been offered through corporations.
Question two
Business is an extremely significant figure in the society. Many people may think that business is defined by the profit it may incur to the founder, but that is not the case. Businesses go beyond making a profit. There are several roles that any business may undertake in the society to define the wellbeing of the society.
One of the main roles that a business should undertake is to improve the livelihood of employees in the business. This may be done through ample care and concern for the employees, which happen through several ways. One of the ways is through proper payments for the individuals, which meets the demands for the employees. The business should provide services that would improve the lives of the employees.
It is upon businesses to improve the society surrounding them. This may happen if the business undertakes the role of touching into the lives of the people within the locality of the business. When the society is improved, it means that the business will have a reliable environment to operate. The lives of the people surrounding the business are likely to be improved, and this would have a unswerving brunt to the business as it would have access to quality labor with even some people voluntarily working for the business.
Questions 3
Capitalism is extremely far from being perfect. It has been happening that people in the highest positions and the wealthiest individuals have been favored on certain issues while the poor or people with minima resources have been let down with extremely low rewards from the society. In this case, the wealthy individuals have access to the best services compared to the poor in the society. Therefore, for one to fully enjoy what the society is likely to offer, he or she needs to occupy a significant position in the society which is defined by the quantity of possessions he or she commands. The society bears extremely low dismal respect for individuals with little wealth.
As much as people may try to ignore the impact of capitalism, it may be extremely impossible. Ethical capitalism is not likely to be absorbed to the society in the near future. Capitalism has remained in terms of materials for a substantial time, and it will be extremely hard to change this situation.
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