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Published: 2021-06-22 00:14:34
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An example of a product that has a packaging advantage is the Muller Corner Yogurt. It comes in different flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocó Balls, Crunchy Granola, Crispy Crunch and Chocó Flakes. While most yogurts are simply packed in ordinary plastic cups, Muller prides itself in being more innovative in its product packaging. Their yogurts are packed in plastic container cups which are divided into two sections. One section contains the yogurt while the other section contains the toppings which are either fruits or crunchy cereal.

One can say that Muller yogurt’s packaging has an advantage over its competitors because it gives the consumers of the product a choice on how they want to mix the yogurt with the toppings. Some consumers may want more toppings while others may prefer to have less toppings. The consumers even have an option of simply dipping their spoon first on the fruit mix then into the yogurt or even eat them separately. The packaging allows the yogurt eater to either flip the topping on the yogurt or just spoon them out from their compartments. This is another advantage of Muller, it is very handy and can be eaten even without a spoon.

Unlike the other yogurt offerings in the market where the toppings are already mixed with the yogurt, Muller gives the customers a choice. Their packaging design considers the varied preferences of yogurt consumers. Their advertising message further emphasizes its packaging design by saying, “Smooth, creamy, yogurt with delightful toppings you add yourself. Mix in fruit pieces or fun crunchy cereal. Flip the toppings all at once, or dip into a little of each side”.

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