Course Work On Perception About Learning Process

Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:38
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Perception influences the learning activities in schools. To some, learning is the process of accumulating information and then pouring the information needed in the examination papers. On the other hand, learning to some means accumulating knowledge throughout the learning process and then being able to apply the knowledge gained from class in real live situations. The two perceptions are very common among the teachers and the students. The school administration may also imply the perceptions and this may make the instructors adopt the perception in learning process. The perception adopted by students and teachers to a great extent influence the quality of education gained by individuals.

If this is the perception, it will be found that the teachers and school administration will emphasize heavily on coverage of syllabus. They make sure that the students are aware of what should be covered. They do not put in place measures to ensure that the students gain knowledge. They do not worry about practicals, internships, or discussions with the teachers. All what they do is ensure that the books with the syllabus to be covered are available.

These teachers believe that they possess all the knowledge that the students need. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the students to listen to them. As teachers, they are not ready to learn new information. They believe that students cannot have any new knowledge.

On the side of students, those who believe that learning is accumulation of information usually aim at reading the books with the necessary syllabus. They do not attempt to apply the knowledge they have practically. They cram when exams are near to ensure that they have passed exams. They follow strictly what their teachers have taught them and do not read beyond the syllabus. This perception leads to poor learning and students from such schools perform poorly in the real environment.

Some teachers on the other hand perceive learning as the process of sharing information with an aim of gaining knowledge. They belief that learning is a continuous process that should be evaluated at different stages. Students do not aim mainly at passing exams but aim at being able to perform in the real environment. Teachers and students in this case are willing to accept new knowledge they come across. Teachers are viewed as facilitator of learning process but not owners of the knowledge that students need. Students are encouraged to read widely and learn to apply the knowledge they gain in real world situations.

This perception makes school administrations to put in place facilities that enable students to learn. Laboratories, internship, and variety of books are availed to the students. Various resources that students may need to refer to are made available in the school environment. Students from these schools perform very well in the real world.

In conclusion, individual perception about learning process influences greatly the quality of learning that one gets. Perception about learning acts as motivators of both teachers and students in their learning activities. Both carry out their tasks according to how they view learning process. The perception that learning is continuous process of gaining knowledge to be able to perform well in the working environment is the best perception that should be adopted by all teachers and students.

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