Course Work On Risk Assessment And Terrorism

Published: 2021-06-22 00:17:42
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The September 11 terrorist attack on the US by the Al Qaeda terrorist group prompted revision of perception about the entire issue of US internal security. Presently, terrorism proves one of the most challenging experiences facing several countries. The aftermath of this terror attack prompted the establishment of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with the responsibility of ensuring state security is given crucial consideration. The Future of Terrorism Task Force was established that assessed future threats to US security over the span of five years, streamline various departmental structures to counter the threats, and provide recommendations on how best to prepare the public for these potential challenges . This paper examines some of the advanced recommendations that seem very vital. The paper concludes by giving a specific example of specific outreach programs developed by the local communities to the Muslims.


- Policies, Programs and Procedures

“The Secretary should establish an Office of Net Assessment (ONA) within the Department to provide the Secretary with comprehensive analysis of future threats and US capabilities to meet those threats”.

As it stands, the US faces time pressure in preparing for threats yet to materialise. It is prudent for this department to formulate with speed the policies, procedures and programs. Present day terrorism takes a complex dimension and needs experts in addressing it. Establishing the root cause of increased terrorism plays a great deal in curbing this menace. Some states support various terror groups. For example, Pakistan supports Hezbollah while Palestine supports Hamas. It becomes vital to formulate policies that advocate for better international relations with the aim of discouraging their support for such terror groups. Comprehensive programs need development to inform of the future threats so that prevention measures are put in place.

- International Implications

“The department must use all avenues of international cooperation and statecraft instruments to boost existing and form new partnerships to encourage and maintain a global network that permits robust intelligence and information sharing” .

Terrorism poses concern to global security and hence calls for international cooperation in addressing it. Taking a military approach alone does not yield better result as it taints the international relations with other states especially staunch Muslim nations. Since terrorism changes its approach, for example, in the mode of recruitment and training, there is need for the whole world to be aware of these changes so as to address the issue. If well addressed, the US promises to achieve tremendous results in its pursuit to tackle terrorism. In a nutshell, this is not a one state effort.

- Cultural and Religious Awareness and Understanding

“Broader avenues of dialogue with the Muslim community should be identified and pursued by the Department to foster mutual respect, understanding and mutual trust.”
The main cause of terrorism is the staunch belief in Jihad or Salaf ideologies. As a result, people tend to discriminate all Muslims with the view that they support terrorism. This dialogue encourages moderation among the various religious and cultural groups. Ideas need to challenge ideas. This move helps built trust among various groups and hence reduce extreme perceptions. Terrorism is addressed eventually.

Muslim Outreach Programs

Muslim outreach programs formed one of the recommendations proposed for conduction by local people. One such outreach was conducted by NASA under the directive of President Obama. The outreach’s aim involved recognizing the contribution of Muslim family to the development of science, research and engineering. Such an outreach helps improve the relation between the US and Muslim community as a tool in addressing terrorism.


In conclusion, the paper addresses the major recommendation advanced by the aforementioned task force that promise tremendous fruits in addressing future terrorism. The paper concludes by addressing the Muslim Outreach Program conducted by NASA.


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