Creative Writing On New Plastic Tubs Launch

Published: 2021-06-22 00:20:15
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As the project was involved visiting towns and bringing awareness to consumers on the company’s new product. We faced a challenge of how to draw attention of people. To overcome this we were accompanied by a musician, and a loud system of music in one of the company’s trailers. All the entertainment expenses were catered for by pioneer electronic company due to the use of their system which was a form of promotion.
The planning and tracking of this project was done by the company’s project manager, making it to take effect on the recommended seven days. With the ready data the project was planned with the program evaluation review technique (PERT) and therefore organized the events in the less costly manner that would take the shortest time possible. The most important aspect of consideration was how to move from one town to another as well as stating the order of the towns, taking into consideration transport costs. During launching several alterations were made to the schedule most of which were on time adjustment. These resulted to increased expenses due to sleepovers on some region that were not planned. The overall impact the projected scope of towns could not be reached due to the budget constraint and thus the project was terminated earlier than expected. All these could be foreseen in the day after the budget rose more than the given allowance while time schedule was going as planned. The managers could thus not reduce their phase to reduce costs and the company was not ready to increase amount allocated. However the risk involved in this wasn’t that huge since in the first day the promotion group had made significant sales with many merchants making other orders.
Rubbermaid management was fully in support of the launching as they viewed it to bring a lot of revenue to them as well as increasing their market share. The sales manager cooperated with the treasury and finances were readily released in time. As per the plans all the finances were available but the allowance deviation did not cater for the increased cost that resulted from rain delaying events and thus causing a sleep over. Team members on the other hand fully cooperated with the entertainment group assisting in returning the unsold stock to the trailer. Moreover the team kept a close communication with the project manager, especially those that were situated in different location made frequent phone calls to update the manager on the happenings.
Work cited
Kahn, Kenneth B. The Pdma Handbook of New Product Development. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley, 2005

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