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Published: 2021-06-22 00:16:51
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Question 1

The rich dance and other art resources offered by the New York City have facilitated the learning and development of the dance ideology. There are various dance institution that are taking advantage of these resources to teach all leveled students different styles and techniques that have improved creative movement in the city and other parts of the country.

Question 2

Connections and interrelations with organizations and individuals in the art industry and all sectors, such as business, entertainment and government among others are crucial in teaching and learning dance. This is because this connection promotes teamwork in the form of partnerships, alliances and linkages that builds stronger foundation to support art in America. The partnerships have facilitated more connection with national relations for the isolated sector such as National Chamber of Commerce.

The partnership has also “forge and build stronger connections to private and public sector leaders” and has also developed an inventiveness to facilitate arts giving by emerging young philanthropists (Cone & Cone 2005). This connections and linkages have resulted to improved resources and information guiding on how dance are learnt and taught in schools.

The benefits of dance education through psychological, cognitive and affective/social perspectives

Dance promotes maturity and psychology health because children gains opportunity to express their feelings and development consciousness about themselves and other people through creative movement. On the social perspective, “dance enhances social interaction, cooperation and encounter” (Cone & Cone 2005).

Consequently, children are able to communicate ideas by the help of factual and instant mode of body movement. Dance is also considered as a mechanism to promote cognitive development to the young children. In this case, young children are able to create spontaneous movement when subjected problems or movement ideas that can be explained with a movement reaction. Movement offers the cognitive loop between the problems, ideas, or resolved and the solution or outcome.


Cone, T. P., & Cone, S. L. (2005). Teaching children dance. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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