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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:05
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Business Plan
Business Plan
One of the greatest qualities of an entrepreneur is the ability of scanning the immediate environment to look for investment opportunities then explore them. If I were to establish a business, I would opt for the manufacture, distribution and selling of decoders. These are devices that are used for translating the encoded information into its original form. This enables it to retrieve the original data. This business can be profitable if properly planned. It is actually one of the areas which need to be exploited by the corporate community because it has become so lucrative.
However, while concentrating on the production of decoders, it is essential to come up with proper business plans. This is the only way through which the investor can understand exactly what is happening in the market. In this regard, there is need to conduct a market research to acclimatize with the prevailing market conditions. It will make it possible to ascertain the level of demand and understand the diverse consumer interests, demands and tastes. Besides, carrying out an extensive research will enable the investors to understand the level of competition in this business. As a result, it will be easier to make important decisions regarding resource allocation, sale promotion and quality of the products to provide to the market (Hart, J.A., 2004).
As already highlighted, the selling of decoders has become a very profitable business. If it is taken seriously, it can bring huge returns to the investors. This is because of the globalization of information and communication technology which has made it compulsory requirements for all the countries to transit from analogue to digital broadcasting in the radio and television programs. Because of this, each and every country has to comply with this requirement by the year 2015. Therefore, very many countries have now been compelled to shift from analogue to digital broadcasting. However, this can only happen if decoders are used in the already existing television sets and radio receivers.
The selling of decoders can be so profitable in African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Rwanda and Burundi. Initially, they were fully dependant on analogue broadcast. In this case, they would only provide their clients with local channels. However, the introduction of digital broadcast has made it necessary for them to start using decoders. Its use is preferred since it leads to the production of clear broadcasts which will be conducive for everyone’s view. The use of decoders is more advantageous than the analogue because it can enable the viewers to have a variety of channels which consist of local and international ones.
In order to make this business profitable, it is good to provide quality services which can appeal to the target clients. The lucrative nature of this business has attracted many investors. However, this company can still emerge to be the best alternative particularly if it adopts realistic strategies which can put in a better position to enjoy a competitive advantage over other firms. Meaning, it should produce decoders which can ultimately satisfy the needs of customers. In other words, they should be of higher quality, fair prices and dynamic (Linda, L., 2004). The company should consider offering a lot of alternative services including pay television. While doing this, it should demonstrate a high degree of creativity and novelty. This can be done by offering a variety of channels to cover the most interesting topics which are appealing to the contemporary society. They should incorporate a wide range of areas such as sport, news, religion, culture, history, music, drama, education, zoology, botany, agriculture and education. This will enable it to appeal to its clients and coax them to buy it (Amanda, L., 2007).
The other strategy to adopt in the selling of decoders is to carry out extensive education to the public. This can be done through adverts and trade shows. It will create room for the company to sensitize the target market on the availability of the new product and then coax them to consider it as the best alternative in the market. Sales promotion is necessary for the success of this business since it is a new technology with which many people are not familiar. They should be fully informed on its existence and important features which place it above other similar commodities existing in the market. Information is crucial. Therefore, the company should ensure that communication is enhanced because it will bridge the gap between the clients and the company.
Conclusively, I would like say that this is a realistic idea because the selling of decoders can be a very lucrative venture. The world is advancing in communication and technology. There is need for all the countries to meet international standards since it is necessary for each country to be able to provide its population with global information reflecting issues affecting the society as a whole. After all world has become a global village which must be linked through technology. Africa is still staggering in this sector. Evidently, it can provide a good market if exploited.
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