Development of Blogging Annotated Bibliography Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:48
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Andrew Suvillan. Why I blog, 2008.

In this article, the author argues that as blogging evolves there are new postmodern idioms that have enabled the modern writers to express themselves in a way they have never done it before. He says that this is a positive reform in the journalism industry. He stipulates that further blog is a log of thoughts that are written and posted in the World Wide Website for public access.

He says that those who blog their thoughts can recognize the world better. They collect their thoughts and remain until all the relevant events settle then new patterns begins to emerge. As opposed to the common news, blogging can give detailed and composed information since such reports are not released hourly. For the blogger, time is always now contrary to reporters who may ignore some sources because of timelines or novelist who may take too long before releasing information to the public. In a blog, the released information is not final but it is always subject to editing and regular update. In a blog, one ends up writing about himself almost like a diary though it is not personal.

This is an article from The New Yorker magazine. The article is about the use of Wikipedia: online encyclopedia its users and the policies governing the use of the social site. The author starts by referring to a quick and an ever highly commented post on the online encyclopedia on suburban Glasgow railway station. It is evident that the various entries on this website attract unexpected number of individual commentary, for instance the writer testifies on the entry about prostitution in China. Wikipedia thus contain a lot of up-to-date information. The information on Wikipedia is of no other of its kind as the collaboration of various minds guarantees quality.

Clive Thompson, Brave New World of Digital Intimacy, 2008.

This is an article on the New York Times magazine of 07/09/2008 by Clive Thompson. The article is an answer to the public question on the importance of social media. The writer collects several views and firsthand experience on his effort to answer this question. The article starts by acknowledging Mark Zuckerberg the founder of one of the popular social media, who to the writer did a very recommendable work of introducing this at the Harvard school dormitory, which spread to the whole world.

The writer argues by way of demonstration on the significance of the social media. First, in reference to facebook as by 2006 the first year of facebook, students in Harvard used it post their personal details and general status and attitudes toward classes. This is a show up of identity and the realization of the true personality of individuals. He also goes on to prove this by referring to his friend in tweeter who by a month had acquired several followers who include the important people she viewed important apart from her relatives. This identification can be identified by the kind of posting, friends, and web pages that one follows in their social media accounts. The writer concludes that social media is of importance as it is also supported by the social scientists in the name of ambient awareness.

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