Does Access To Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:18
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Teen pregnancy has become a widespread topic for discussion in US. As per statistics, about 34% teenagers become pregnant before reaching 20 with 79% of them being unmarried. 80% teenagers are reported to have their pregnancies unintended. The US blows about $7 billion dollars after teen pregnancy. Hardly one third of the teenage mothers finishes high school and collects their diplomas, with 80% of them ending on welfare. The likelihood of the daughters of the teen mothers becoming pregnant is 22% higher than others and the sons of teen mothers winding up in prison is 13% more likely than their peers. Hence teen pregnancy is a growing problem in our society. The question now we are facing "does access to condom prevent teen pregnancy?" There are a lot of debates going on around this issue. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 teens use protection during intercourse but half of them admitted of having sex without condoms at times. Many are of this opinion that access to condoms can solve all the problems of teen pregnancy, but I believe condoms alone cannot prevent teen pregnancy unless parents educate their children on the subject of safe sex, birth pills and IUD implants are taken alongside condoms and promiscuity is discouraged.
Education by Parents
I believe condoms alone cannot prevent teen pregnancy unless education as regards safe sex is inculcated in children by parents. Most of the parents avoid talking about sex with their children and as a result the children are unaware of the precautionary measures they ought to take during the intercourse. Due to the shame and embarrassment attached with teen sex, there are many teens hesitant to purchase condoms. Unless the society and the elders come with a frank attitude on the subject, condoms alone cannot prevent teen pregnancy. Further condom only can protect a teen from physical problem of teen pregnancy; there are lots of emotional issues that come with it. An open and frank attitude on behalf of parents would lead to children asking for advice and opinions as regards how to keep safe from both physical and emotional pangs.
Use of Birth Control Device
Condoms are not invariably reliable to prevent pregnancy because there are many incidents of unintended pregnancy having taken place due to the break in condom during sex. Though about 98% time condoms work in the prevention of pregnancy, but still there is a chance of 2% remaining of condom leak. Hence one ought to take birth control pills or injections or IUD implants alongside to become 100% sure of not becoming pregnant.
Discouragement of Promiscuity
Condoms encourage teens to have more sex which sometimes leads to promiscuity. It is not uncommon among teenagers to have multiple partners. There are teens having sex rampantly for the fun of it. But sex is an action that should ideally take place between two people who are in love. Promiscuity could lead to dangerous consequences of a teen getting pregnant and ending on welfare. As per statistics about 25% of teen mothers get their second baby within two years after having the first one with most of them from different partners. Teens should be educated about the long-term consequences of promiscuity and values regarding promiscuity being unethical should be inculcated in them.
Teen pregnancy has become a growing problem in the US which has highest number of teen pregnancies occurring every year. Many people look upon free access to condoms as a solution to the problem, but I think condoms alone cannot prevent pregnancy unless teenagers can frankly discuss on the subject of sex with their parents who can give them advice and tips as how to practice safe sex. Further, condoms are not all the time reliable and hence one should take birth control measures like pills, injections of IUD implants to refrain from pregnancy. Promiscuity is another reason for teen pregnancy and hence it should be discouraged by the inculcation of proper values.
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