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Published: 2021-06-22 00:03:02
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- St. Martin de Porre High School
- Sources of funds
- Accomplishments and awards
- The Corporate Work Study Program
- History and background
- When was it established?
- Why was it established?
- Who started it?
- Management
- Who manages it?
- Where is it located in the school structure?
- What are the tasks of the persons managing the program?
- What are the common problems encountered by the management? How are these resolved?
- Policies
- Who can participate?
- What type of organizations can become the school’s partners for the programs?
- What are the requirements, benefits, and restrictions?
- What happens when a student drops out in the middle of the school year?
- Goals and objectives of the program
- What does the program intend to accomplish in the long term?
- What are its short-term objectives (annual, per school year)
- What indicators are set for each objective?
- Participants of the program
- Beneficiaries of the program
- Are all students required to undergo the program? What are the exemptions?
- What are the criteria in grouping? How are teams formed?
- What are the requirements of the program on the student?
- Partner organizations
- What is the process in becoming a partner? How are the partners chosen? Who selects the partners?
- Is there a minimum requirement for partners in terms of industry, number of employees, type of product, religious/cultural/political affiliations, and profitability?
- What is the role of the school’s Board of Directors/Trustees in identifying partners?
- What benefits do partners get from participating in the program? Do they get tax deductions and other government incentives?
- What type of jobs are being offered to the students?
- What incentives benefits do partners offer to the students? Is there a uniform rate per hour for all participants of the program?
- Has any of the partners hired a student participant in their firms after graduation? Are they allowed to do this?
- What are the common problems that the partners experienced in the implementation of the program?
- Program implementation
- What are the stages in program implementation
- When does a student begin the program? Until when is he/she enrolled in the program?
- Aside from the summer training that the student undergoes before the start of the first year, are there other trainings given by the school when during the entire duration of the program?
- Are the students evaluated? Do they also evaluate the program?
- What happens when a student experience harassment, discrimination, and other difficulties? How are these resolved?
- What safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of the students in the workplace?
- Are there feedback mechanisms in place? Are there venues where the work supervisor discusses the students’ progress?
- Do the students receive actual financial compensation? Are they also qualified to receive work benefits?
- Accomplishments of the program
- Since the start of the program, how many have participated/completed the program? At present how many students are enrolled in the program?
- What are the positive effects of the program on the students and their families? What are the negative effects on the life of the students and their families?
- Do the students continue to work after completing the program?
- How many students decided to pursue a college education? Are the fields they selected to major influenced by their participation in the CWSP?
- Impact of the program
- What is the impact of the program on the students?
- Did they perform better in academics?
- Did they develop positive work ethics? What examples manifest these?
- What skills did the students gain from the program? Were these useful after graduation? In what ways?
- Did the CWSP help students find work after high school? How did it help?
- Partner organizations
- Did participation improve the image of the partner organizations? Are their corporate social responsibility statements related to their participation in the program?
- Does the availability of student workers contribute to the organization’s performance? Or does it weaken the quality of work?
- How does this program contribute to the improvement of Cleveland’s population?

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