Educational Leadership Doctoral Program Admission Essay

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:36
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Admission Essay:
Admission Essay
Every course in life has its own season and time. I believe that my interest in educational matters cannot be complete without pursuing the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program. Since childhood, I have always desired to give back to the society. This formed the main basis of my passion and interest in the education field at large. Moreover, I am a strong advocate of quality rather than quantity. As such, I have faith that pursuing the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Lamar University will make me more instrumental. Enrolling for the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Lamar University will act as a stepping stone towards realizing my long term career goal of pursuing leadership position in the teaching profession.
My career in Education began way back in May 2004 when I enrolled for an undergraduate program in Bachelor of Arts in English at Sam Houston University. As an undergraduate at Sam Houston University, my passion for becoming a teacher was enhanced. Time and again, I admired my lecturers. I was not only enthused by their kind attitude towards students, but also by their adequate knowledge and mastery of the various subjects they taught. From then on, I put much effort in my studies with a main aim of making the best of out of my endowment. Thereafter, I enrolled for M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership at Lamar University. Additionally, I studied M. Ed. in Technology Leadership at the same institution. I did all these programs in order to gain adequate theoretical knowledge and skills in the education field. Further, in order to acquire more knowledge in English, I did Certifications offered by Texas Teacher Certification in both English Language Arts and Reading, and English as a second Language. My efforts were not futile since I made an immense improvement in both spoken and written English. Additionally, my strong background in English has enabled me to participate in several presentations including Assessment Literacy, Thinkfinity, Word Generation, and Vocabulary across the Curriculum. In addition, I have contributed towards two publications, that is, Vocabulary across the Curriculum and Parental Technology Awareness and Increased Students Success. Moreover, I have acquired a mass of professional experience over the years by serving as a middle school teacher at Missouri City in Texas. My stint at Missouri City provided me with an ample opportunity to prepare, develop, and prepare various subject matters for each class. Additionally, I have had a chance to participate in staff meeting and conference workshops. Further, I have been able to liaise with counsellors, senior teachers, and parents in regard to problems faced by students.
I would like to pursue a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership in order to acquaint myself with adequate knowledge on various issues concerning educational institutions including technical, conceptual, social, interpersonal, and organizational dimensions. I have faith that my leadership experience in different capacities including the district textbook committee, district power standard curriculum writing team, and campus based leadership team has nurture me into a better person. Moreover, my choice for Lamar University is based on the belief that the institution offers the best learning and development environment to students. Therefore, I am certain that gaining admission at Lamar University will help me turn my long term desire of becoming an efficient leader in an educational institution into a reality.

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