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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:16
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I am a sales person at Uniqlo and Zara Hm. My main responsibilities are to promote sales and attract new customers into the organization so as to increase the volumes of sales. I have ten years experience in sales and marketing. The main objective of conducting this talk is to inform you of some of the unique products and services that we offer in our company.
Zara, Uniqlo and Hm are fashion industries that operate online. The industries trade in clothing, and fashion design. The company often differentiate its products in order to attract more customers. In particular, H and M is a strong global retailer. It is the world second largest clothing retailer with about 2,600 stores in 43 countries.
Zara often watch consumer trends and provide their clients with products that are up to date. The company delivers new product twice every fortnight to its 1,670 stores located worldwide. The company gets the product from design to sales in under 15days. The company makes unfinished “gray” products in its automated Spanish factories. The common products sent to small shops where they are converted to the trending dress and jackets. So, trading in this shop offers you a unique products and services.
On the other hand, Uniqlo is selling quality and value in fashion basics. The company provides its clients with the latest fashion design in clothing. The company offer quality products that attract any customers across the globe.
Initially the target for Uniqlo was all the population. However, since the low price strategy did not drive to success, the company shifted its target group to urban middle class. Currently, the target group are urban middle income earners because they have led to six times growth in sales.

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