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Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:22
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Pollution is the process of the contamination of the environment due to the mankind’s activity, mostly industrial. The situation has worsened since the beginning of 20th century when the dawn of industrialization is noted. Environmental situation is being characterized by the following types of pollution: air contamination as well as the pollution of water and soil resources. From the beginning of 1960s scientists all over the world began to attract society’s attention to this problem because as a direct consequence of contamination (that comes from the activity of human existence, as mentioned previously) appeared Greenhouse effect. It is a well known fact that greenhouse effect emerged from the increment of the concentration of greenhouse gases, but he most influential one is carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the present concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is comprised by 399.89 ppm (parts per million). Hence, the author of the article concentrates his research on the largest country in the world – Russia.
The main aim of the author is to expose to the real world the environmental situation in Russia. This country adds up a weighty portion of pollution to the world’s situation. Starting from the USSR, Russian people were not aware of evidence regarding the pollution and greenhouse effect. This information was confidential, due to the form of rule in the country. Hence, education is rather weak, little information is available to the public, as a result most of the people react skeptical to the claims that mankind’s activity does influence the environmental situation in the world negatively.
Secondly, the adequate usage of soil and water resources have been neglected beginning from the 20th century. The land is contaminated from the chemical fertilizers. In the article the Author states that broad areas of land in Russia do suffer from erosion as an aftermath of mismanagement. Moreover, Volga River basin and Black sea, the sea of Azov were disposed to the direct contamination that came from agricultural byproducts. Interesting and yet deplorable fact that most of the Russian cities do not have efficient sewage plants. In addition to the concern of water resources most of the dams, that were created negligently in the soviet times have malfunctions in fish ladder, many fish do not make it to their spawning ground.
Thirdly, issue with the cutting off forests and deforestation concerns the Russian people a lot as well. It was caused by the extensive chaotic logging. Even though some parts of the famous Russian Taiga are under control and protection of the government, lacking of human resources result in poacher activity. The author did mention that due to such activity the population of the Siberian tiger has been endangered.
Speaking of the TNS conditions they all of them are violated in the Russia. First of all Russia – is a country that is characterized by fossil fuels. It has huge deposits of oil, natural gas, coal on its territory. In fact, its external political activity is determined by this fact: many other countries import these goods from Russia. Fossil fuels are being extracted with the faster rate than new deposits appear in the Earth’s crust. In addition, the second step is violated also, because substances produced in the society do increase systematically in nature. The same thing with the third step, because the resources of fossil fuels do diminish in time significantly, with the current rate of exploitation. Overall, human needs are increasing more and more, but they are not coped together with efficient resource methods. Natural resources are not used wisely.
Finally, some intensive improvements shall be implemented in the Russian industry. Natural resources are not extracted wisely. All of the TNS conditions are neglected and violated so far. New radical environmental-control changes should be brought by the government of Russia in the nearest future somewhat like more strict control on industry as well as new technology (more efficient and eco-friendly) should be installed at plants and factories.

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