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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:35
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Theory of Global Warming and Climate Change
Theory of Global Warming and Climate Change
Greenhouse Gases and their Sources
Greenhouse gases are chemical compounds that are found in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases allow the sun’s harmful sunlight to enter freely in earth’s atmosphere. Three of the greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.
Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to the manmade greenhouse effect. This gas is normally present; however, there are sources that add the carbon gas level in the planet. Humans, animals, and plants release carbon dioxide when they die. Also, smoke that comes out from factories, machines and vehicles add carbon emission in the air (europa.eu). Methane is the second largest contributor to global warming. Methane emission may come from production of oil and natural gas, beef and veal, and biomass energy (Jorgenson, 1995). Another contributor of global warming is the nitrous oxide. This gas comes naturally from rainforests and oceans as well as bacteria in soils. It also comes from fossil fuel combustion, nitrogen-based fertilizers, and industries producing chemicals using nitrogen (Reay et al., 2012).
Global Warming
Global warming is one of the most debated issues globally. Each one of us should contribute and help prevent the further effect of global warming to our planet. If global warming will become worse, the ocean water level will increase as the ice continues to melt down over the Antarctic, small islands will be lost and covered by sea water, ecological balance will be affected, which eventually affects our food supplies including sea and agricultural products.
Sound Science
Sound Science is a terminology being used by person in denial or unhappy with reasonable and legitimate conclusions of scientific studies. Sound Science does not support my opinion towards global warming theories as it is based on the evidence and facts done by science community.
Three Things that can be Done to Reduce Carbon Emissions
At home you can reduce the carbon emission by changing your bulb from the usual to compact florescent light bulbs. This will use seventy five percent less energy than conventional light bulbs and provides less heat.
At the office, energy consumption is very important. Apart from the fact that it will help save the business from paying much electricity, saving energy also reduces greenhouse effect and carbon emission.
Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle. Cars that are not fuel efficient may likely produce more greenhouse gas that will contribute to global warming. Also, while driving, take it easy when stepping on gas pedal and brake to avoid hard accelerations. In this, case you improve your car fuel economy, which will reduce greenhouse emissions.
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