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Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:03
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Having confirmed my attendance, the next step will be the preparation for the big day. Being one of my very first public arrangements in my profession expect it to be an head scratching exercise, even though this will be a learning platform whereby I should provide real time solutions as well (Elizabeth, 2010).

My preparations will kick off by first familiarizing myself with the situation at hand. As of the information provided in the paper, I need to visit the sides first that are alleged threatening to derail our young generation fro the community structures. I expect to extract very relevant facts about the misleading endeavors as reported by Morris on the day of meeting understand that getting information in the internet may be to some extend misleading, so I have to engage my peers in this noble topic. Chances are that some of my practicing friends have had first hand experience in the kind of activity I’m going to spearhead; hence knowing first will keep me informed on the grave issues or the best places to get information about this. Since no timelines have been issued, I will have ample time to do the research and get fact right (Elizabeth, 2010).

My next step will be to engage Morris in a talk whereby I will secure meeting the representatives of CPU. My decision is informed by the fact that they understand the grievances of the parents, and hence I will learn the expectations of the parents from the group. By nature, parents are a caring group and hence I expect that they have some noble solutions to the buffeting problem, so my visitation will not be in vain. The main areas my attention will be drawn towards are to establish all the cultural expectations from this group, as passed down from the existing societal structures. As a way of example, I don’t expect to know everything the parents want pass to their kids, so this is meant to cushion me again such gaps. The clear understanding of societal ways will give my preparation a boost since all the relevant points to research about will be provided, restraining me to only relevant areas of study (Aptly 2009).

The next endeavor will be doing an extensive research on the young generation so as to unearth several issues that seem important for this exercise. My first stop on this will be the institutions the young generation attends. I will be seeking to establish whether there has been a cultural break between the societal expectations and the way the institutions function. For example, whether the tutors forget their roles as parents once they enter the institutions and let the students do whatever they deem appropriate.Also, some of the said tutors may be either directly or indirectly supporting the usage of such sites, thus ruining the morals of the group (Aptly 2009).

Of equal magnitude will be to understand the rights these kids usually get from these institutions with regard to the internet. As a way of highlighting, some institutions may not be having policies to curb unnecessary usage of websites by using protective devices like firewalls, or complete hindrance from all other sites that do not deal with learning materials.
Finally on the preparation list, I will seek to understand the understanding of the society as whole and the target generation, including establishing the knowledge gap that may be existing with regard to the afore mentioned issue (Aptly 2009).

Just to mention a few, in commercial institutions like cyber cafes whereby the young generations can great secondary internet usage after the schools, there may not be policies like ``no viewing of pornographic materials in this room” or hindering related cases. It is on the same platform whereby I the deeds of the parents that may be pushing the kids to tread along this line, for example lack of parental company that may trigger unnecessary boredom on the children, thus making them resort to using internet as the only way out of the situation’s finish with, the communication between the parents and their kids, which may not be open to bring out the issues associated with the items they view (Elizabeth, 2010).

An ethical psychologist may opt to refer the issue to some one who has been dealing with the related cases, citing many commitments which cannot allow him to do the required research to address the issue. To the people, this may be perceives as escaping one’s duties, and hence not good for one’s social profile. Other psychologist will recommend total inhibition of usage of internet among the growing generations in a bid to curb moral erosion, which will evoke various responses from the parents. Other psychologist will be issue a warning to parents to start guidance and counseling sessions, may be effective in the long term (Elizabeth,2010). I parents of the said generations, since after conducting the above exercise, I will be fully informed hence giving me a chance to issue first class advice. The exercise will also uplift my social profile both career wise and as a person (Elizabeth, 2010).


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