Example Of Admission Essay On Anything In Your Application File Which You Believe Is Not Indicative Of Your True

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:19
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Anything in your application file which you believe is not indicative of your true ability. If so, explain here why you believe that it is not.
The only thing I believe is not of my true ability and actually cannot demonstrate my true qualities and longing to be involved into insurance business is the lack of practical experience and formal education in insurance industry. However, I believe that I will gain all necessary knowledge and preparation for obtaining Master’s while getting my 2-20 license in January. I am an organized and responsible person, so I will definitely learn as much as possible. Moreover, I work hard on my self-education and I try to be in the know of the latest news regarding insurance industry. I am pretty sure that all this will contribute to my preparation for both – obtaining Master’s of Risk Management and Insurance and managing my own insurance agency in future.
Furthermore, my desire to gain valuable professional skills is not limited to theoretical knowledge – I am going to work in a corporate insurance company to fill in the gap of my experience in the field. While working I will try to absorb as much useful information as possible, at the same time trying to imply everything I know into practice. I suppose that an opportunity to be involved into real insurance operations will help me realize a real essence of business and I am pretty sure it will only prove that I have made the right decision.
I believe that words cannot express my whole greatest striving to be involved into insurance business. Yet I am more than ready to prove my interest in the industry by being a diligent, responsible and dedicated student once given an opportunity.

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